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  1. And that convert can be avoided by emulating some older dc++ version...(as i said)
  2. Yes, my solution is for outdated hubs : The msg tells you that the hub has disconnected you for some reason(in my guide - for 'invalid' connection type).I dont think you can do anything about the fact that the hub disconnects you.Please try connecting with some other client(or different settings) and if you find solution please post it .
  3. Ain't that fakesharing ? And that 'bug' or feature doesnt work with me, maybe it's in your mod ? If so please change the topic name...
  4. Extra Slot To..

    It can be useful if apex gives extra slot for a user who has Downloaded from you for 30 secs adter his DL has finished (or maybe 1 min) (as long as this remains an option)
  5. webserver and the notepad

    If I got it right, he means to make the notepad usable through the webserver.
  6. per hub customization

    Why do you even worry about the FL size ? Is 1MB (or 10) such a waste of space for you ? If you don't want second filelist don't use it...You should worry about the tech. side of adding this feature - I guess it'll take much coding and thats way i ain't sure if it'll be implemented at all. Little explanation about how Apex can hash the files (its like bigcanuck suggested) 1.When a filelist is refreshed it should check is the file thats going to be hashed already in the GHI//General Hash Index//This can be done by comparing the file path... 1a.If its hashed add the hash for it and go to the next file. 1b.If its not hashed - hash it in the GHI and then go to point 1. There also should be a function to clean up the files in the GHI that ain't used.
  7. per hub customization

    Yes, but you can disable(actually not use them) them if the HDD space is so precious for you and for some users //like me// the FL is only 50KBs big :thumbsup: BTW I just checked stealthy 0.251 //or smt like that// and it did have 5 FL and customizable slots for each hub.maybe if you ask Phaedrus he'll give ya the src.
  8. Crash On Sending Pm With 0.3.0

    Please post the crash report (its found in settings/exceptioninfo.txt).
  9. Everything's fine with me.
  10. per hub customization

    If I remember right, in Stealthy 2 there was and option for 5 different FL and you could select which FL to give to some hub in favs.
  11. [Bug] File lists out of sync

    To view the renewed files the other client must send you the renewed filelist, but before that client does that it must be notified that the share content has changed - the other user can do that by refreshing filelist or restarting the client.So probably the other user added some file to a shared folder and you couldn't see it.By the time you deleted the filelist and re-downloaded it again the other client must have auto refreshed its filelist and therefor everything looked right. I dont understand networks very much - i know only the stuff i need so i cant tell you about your router.btw about the crash try doing the same thing with the admin acc.
  12. [Bug] File lists out of sync

    So don't mouse over the filelist entry in the download queue. Im sure it overwrites the file.To prove you this - download a filelist.Go to "ApexDir\Settings\FileLists\" and see when the filelist was last modified.After several minutes download it again,click on it and see Modified date again - it'll be different.It all depends on the other client... BTW are you the admin ?
  13. Feature Requests

    I'm waiting for LUA too .It can be very useful.
  14. Blocking specific IP's in ApexDC++

    10x, added in the guide.
  15. [Bug] File lists out of sync

    1.-I dont have such problem.And they are removed for a reason.(Its not a bug) 2.-That doesn't depend from Apex.It depends on the other user's client.There's no difference if you delete the filelist and download it again and download it - its overwritten anyway.
  16. Blocking specific IP's in ApexDC++

    Sorry it took me so long to answer your question but i had some tech problems... So lets say you want to block the IP - you must type the IP.So the line you have to enter in PG blocklist is: ifmnzhack: OR ifmnzhack: If you want to block several IPs you have to do that again (with the proper IPs). BTW if you enable 'logging' it will show u a msg (when u pause your mouse over the slots) like "PGPlugin: Blocked incoming connection to (ifmnzhack)" and copies that in the system.log log.(if you have enable logging) EDIT: Added this in the guide...
  17. released mod-s8 of ApexDC++

    And waste slots... BTW - - they deleted it here.So i thought that they'll do it here too.
  18. Disable TTH hashing

    When your downloads are corrupted u'll think otherwise.
  19. Disable TTH hashing

    I dont think that apex will 'win' anything from boloood - if he doesnt have the patience to wait for the hash process to finish i dont think he'll 'waste' his time reporting bugs or maybe recommending apex to another users.(The whole dc community losses from the fact that he doesnt hash his files but even if you make such feature as requested dc com. will still lose)
  20. released mod-s8 of ApexDC++

    Congrats on your mod but dont you think that 200 segments are too much?By doing one user's favour you take slots from another normal dc user.And i dont think that posting such topic in this forum is very good idea - probably it'll be deleted after several hours.(after all your steeling apex's users)
  21. Disable TTH hashing

    The only one losing from this is u (and the users who cant download from u).
  22. crash apex DC 0.3.0
  23. just a few ideas Here u can find everything related to hashing algorithms.And apex aint gonna change its hashing alg - it'll become like oDC.So - forget it.It can only be done if all new clients switch to it. BTW- check the links at the bottom.
  24. Disable TTH hashing

    Dude, although you don know it - you need TTH.Make a search to see some topics about oDC //or any other non-TTH client// problem (which comes from the fact that oDC doesn't hash its files). BTW how can 200 GBs take you 2 days to hash ? So, lets make some calculations about you HDD speed then : 2 days = 48*3600 s = 172800 s.So 200 Gbs are ~ 200 000 MBs.200 000 / 172 800 = ~ 1.16 MBs per second reading speed.LOL - you have some very 'fast' HDD.I'm sure that it'll take only few hours.Just be patient.