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  1. ApexDC for external HDDs

    In ApexDC++ or StrongDC++ is one same problem. Classic DC++ or CzDC++ don't hane this problem. They are not useful for users with external HDDs. Why? We, owners of external HDDs, know very well, that we forget to switch on HDD often. In DC++ or CzDC++ when I forget switch on external HDD and start program then program unshares these folders for time until folders will be available again. After start of program I see that I share nothing. So I close program, switch on HDD, start program again and shared folders on external HDD are there again. But by using ApexDC++ or StrongDC++, program unshares folders totally and doesn't remember paths of them. After restart I must go to settings and mark all folders on external HDD again. And this is very very boring. I tried to convince StrongDC++ developer here (Czech language) but he told that program would share unexisting folders. THAT'S BS! We all know it. After my explanation there was no reaction. So I try convince you. :)
  2. ApexDC for external HDDs

    But this is so boring. I must unlock this file everytime, when I want to change any setting. That's all about.
  3. ApexDC for external HDDs

    Any news about fixing of this problem?
  4. ApexDC for external HDDs

    This is the case that I forgot to mention. And this is reason why a lot of users share only minimal limit from internal HDD of laptop. Nice to see that this issue could be a serious general problem: Less shared folders from uploaders -> less data for hubs -> worse accessibility of data for downloaders. :whistling:
  5. ApexDC for external HDDs

    It's true that rehashing isn't needed. BUT if you want to re-share hashed folder with many files than you must wait quite a long time to finish of re-sharing.
  6. ApexDC for external HDDs

    Thank you very much for standing up for me. It works great in DC++ and CzDC++ so I hope that there would be no problem to apply it to Apex. Making DCPlusPlus.xml file read only works but I must change this thing everytime when I want to change any setting permanently. This is only emergency solution.
  7. ApexDC for external HDDs

    This is evident advice of person how doesn't use external HDD regularly. Everyone forget to start HDD before starting of DC sometimes. And this is why we deal with it.
  8. ApexDC for external HDDs

    1.2.2 - still no change ;)
  9. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    Will you fix feature for external disks? It was locked with no answer if yes or no. In v1.2.0 no fix. Thank you for answer. :blink:
  10. Files downloaded but doesn't display

    they were there but i didn't try to rename to play them before delete.
  11. Files downloaded but doesn't display

    I downloaded files (more than 4GB files) but they doesn't appear in folder. I deleted folder but space is still allocated. I tried CHKDSK but no change.
  12. ApexDC for external HDDs

    Agree. Hash stays saved and is used after resharing folders so this takes much less time than first hashing. So fixing of this problem should be really simple.
  13. ApexDC for external HDDs

    Is there anything new about this issue. Is it in fix list?
  14. ApexDC for external HDDs

    Thanks for advices. But I still wish some more graceful solution like you. :thumbsup: Thanks for support.
  15. ApexDC for external HDDs

    F***ing great trick. Thank you very much. :)
  16. ApexDC for external HDDs

    You're talking about BM like about some god. BM only said that empty folders are shared. Yes, root folders are really shared but fixing of this issue isn't difficult task. I hope.