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  1. Problems with active mode

    Thanks for all the help, I am running the internet behind the router however i turned off the firewall on the router. even so i added the ports to the router firewall and hey presto got a full connection problem 1 solved However now i can only search in passive mode and cannot find anything even dvd in active mode and when i begin to download it starts off at very high downloads 100 to 200k this is what it used to run at however now it goes right down till it drops off as connection speed is too low. Any ideas?
  2. Problems with active mode

    Tried that with no success still partial connection! just dont get it
  3. Problems with active mode

    how do i turn of all tls?
  4. Problems with active mode

    Tried opening 3 seperate ports for the ones mentioned and still no luck, just keeps saying partial conection, its driving me crazy, ive tried everything, but obviously im missing something, please help!
  5. Problems with active mode

    hi, i downloaded and set up my apex dc++ in active mode and it was working fine for around 2 weeks. After this point apex dc++ stopped downloading items and constantly just said connecting, I could also no longer search. On further investigation I went into the settings and tested the connection to find that the UDP connected however TCP did not which was only a partial connection. I looked at my firewall settings and the ports that Apex requires are open. After trying to change to different port numbers etc... my utorrent which has been working fine for around 2 years also wont fully connect. The thing is I havent even touched the settings for this! I am only using windows xp firewall and have disabled my routers firewall. Have you got any ideas on what may be the problem and how I can solve it as this is very frustrating! Thanks in advance