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  1. ApexDC++ 1.3.5 and 1.3.6 hangups

    Just for info: I have tried StrongDC++ (2.41) and FlyLinkDC++ (last stable) - both work fine, but Fly was not tested on full share (~2.5 Tb only) due to its demand to use only unique virtual names.
  2. ApexDC++ 1.3.5 and 1.3.6 hangups

    It seems that upload speed affected by this issue too... Can't say exactly but I see many identically slow connections now (50-100 kb/sec instead of usual lower treshold of 500-1000 kb/sec per connected user).
  3. ApexDC++ 1.3.5 and 1.3.6 hangups

    As for me, I'm ready to try anything you say. :)
  4. ApexDC++ 1.3.5 and 1.3.6 hangups

    I have similar issue with 1.3.8. It all began soon after installation. I have home server (dedicated computer) with ~3.5 TB share, running on WinXP SP3, 24/7. I use ApexDC mostly for sharing files. At "prime time" upload speed can be up to 18 mb/sec, usual load - 5-8 mb/sec. What I have noticed: 1. Sometimes system partially hangs and do not responding to mouse clicking and keys pressing. This state lasts different time. BUT! Process Explorer tray icon (always started) draws usual graph of processor load (not overloaded), router's and HDD's LEDs are on and flashing - this all indicates that system works (well or not - I don't know). After some time system returns to usual behavior. 2. Sometimes system behave like overloaded - even folders open very long (I don't mention other things, i.e. web-browser or notepad). BUT! Process Explorer does not show any significant load! Usual graphs, usual resourse usage... No any overload. 3. My server works for my other computers too like usual fileserver throgh standart Windows sharing. It all worked fine for 2 years, but now when ApexDC started I can't download anything to my workstation computer - speed is < 0.5 mb/sec. Before issue windows sharing worked fine independently of server's load. 4. No BSOD's or crashing. Problem growing day by day. What I have tried: 1. Chkdsk on all partitions (including system) - no errors, no effects. 2. Disabling Progress Bars - some effect on CPU load (on graphs), but no general effects. 3. Switching off all logging in ApexDC - two or three days it worked fine, after that all began again. 4. Enabling speed limiter - upload speed decreases, but very weak effect on system behavior - it was better before. 5. Decreasing number of upload slots from 25 to 15 - weak effect. 6. Closing all connections in ApexDC - after that system works fine (other apps can be started, windows network file sharing works fine), but it all begin again when users resume downloading shared files in ApexDC. 7. Without ApexDC system works fine. Plans: 1. Try to decrease number of slots to 3-5 (it is not the solution, just for experiment). 2. Try StrongDC.
  5. Bumping this up. And new requests: 1. New option in the "Settings" - > "Upload slots": "Automatically grant extra-slot to users with share more than <define value in gigabytes, 0 = no automatic slots granting>" 2. New option In the "Settings" - > "Upload slots": "Automatically grant extra-slot to users from whom you are downloading" 3. New option in Favorite Hub Properties: "Automatically grant extra-slot to users from this hub"
  6. Can prog report different tags to different hubs? If so, there is no any problems with this. Oh, I see now. It would be nice too - it can solve my problems for a while. And another two requests: 1. Possibility to make line break and new line (BR) in Default away message. I use it for default info for all users, but text seems to be very condensed when written in one paragraph. 2. Freezing (any type) of Finished Uploads window. When sorted by any column contents of the window moves each time any upload finished (cursor jumps and it is hard to look for any particular upload - I forced to stop all uploads first by disconnecting from hubs and closing coonections).
  7. Please, make "Slots per hub" feature! Look at my screenshot. It's "primetime" situation, in the evening, maximum activity period. ISS Hub users (my link to ISS is ADSL, 80-150 kb/s) take all slots and block faster users (Westcall & Multinex-62live - 2 independent Ethernet links) from downloads. I set slots to 50, but then ISS users speeds fall to 2-3 kb/sec (as you see on the picture). Please, make "Slots per hub" feature!
  8. It's not good, because I need to set my own slot balance for favorite hubs (for example, 10 slots to one hub and 50 to another. Or even something like this - 10 slots for one hub and pool of 50 slots shared to three other hubs...)
  9. Hey, I need this feature too. In other words, +1 for this. :)
  10. Есть такая беда, англоязычные пользователи тоже жалуются. Пока выработали только одно решение - откат на 1.1.0.
  11. Problems with active mode

    Sorry, man, can't understand you are talking about. I have no problems with ports, routers and modems. It's djbellusci started the topic, not I. I just tried to help him. And last sentences is completely unclear for me. Why I need to connect modem to router? I have 2 provider connections - one is Ethernet, other is ADSL. I have good enoght router built in modem with port forwarding, static and dynamic routing (useful for provider's LAN) and other cool options including even traffic shaper (that is my modem - http://www.acorp.ru/products/adsl/sprinter...-lan-420m/spec/ (sorry, no english version)). And other router (stand-alone, D-Link DIR-100) is also work pretty fine maintaining connection to second provider.
  12. Thanks. Will see what it would be.
  13. No answers in this year? ;)
  14. Problems with active mode

    Are you sure there is no misunderstanding in terminology and router settings? I have 2 routers (ADSL and Ethernet) and port opening was done through "Port forwarding" settings pages in both of them. I did not even touch router's firewall settings.
  15. Problems with active mode

    File -> Settings -> Advanced -> Security -> TLS One "Use TLS..." checkbox and two "Allow TLS..." checkboxes. And TLS port on "Connection settings" page.