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  1. Ignore PM's from users?

    You sound silly. How old are you?:)
  2. Ignore PM's from users?

    There is no problem. If you are admin\operator you have operator status on that hub, so there is no problem to turn off password request for usesrs with operator status! And forget about spam and ban forever! I don't want use like many others in our local net FlyLink DC++ just because it have pm protection feature!
  3. Ignore PM's from users?

    That's not bad to see antispam protection in your client like this: "user has been disabled receiving PMs. use password *pokemon* in case of emergency. dont abuse: slot-askers will be banned+ignored forever and will not download even in queue order."
  4. ApexDC++ Translations

    <String Name="SettingsPopupPms">Показывать личку</String> нужно заменить на <String Name="SettingsPopupPms">Открывать лички в отдельном окне</String>
  5. Problem with download different files

    Moreover, rmDC++ is the only multisource client that don't have this bug. The last release of it was in 27.04.2004...May be the developers of ApexDC++ think that it's not a bug, that is "the way it's meant to be played"? Do you planned to fix it in your client?