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  1. Send private message to all users in a hub?

    i cannot get ynhub, the server runs linux and it is out of direct control; please stick to answering the original questions, i do not want other solutions that you think might work for what i want to do
  2. Send private message to all users in a hub?

    it is an old hub version, no such commands available, sorry
  3. How do i configure or script apex to send a private message to all users in a hub. i don't want to hear "**** off spammer" and things like that, i am authorized to do it on that hub or if any other dc client you know can do that, or even another program/bot i really need to find this out. thanks
  4. Best public stealth client ?

    that must be one of the dumbest arguments i've ever read yes that could happen, but if it didn't happen in 5 years, i doubt you will ever see it in this way that is only true for private hubs, or any private communities in general (hubs, trackers, forums etc), and those require registration, verification etc before you join and with a leech client you wouldn't be able to join those hubs anyway, only public ones and i doubt many hub owners care about a few "stealth" clients snooping and searching on their hubs, from what i've seen they only care about having as many users as possible what do you mean they suck ass and too many leechers ? you want it or not ? you cannot be that picky when you want something BAD i assume you couldn't care less if you got that movie or not, else you would have got it long ago ANYWAY, i don't want to turn this thread into an argument about how moral it is to use a stealth client, as i don't intend to cheat or anything, what i'm interested in is that the client must spoof the connected hub count and be gentle on the resources when joining a lot of hubs (it must have features like ignore search, chat supression etc)
  5. Best public stealth client ?

    i know that this kind of user is not one a hub owner would want, but people do that anyway, without using a leech client, just on a smaller scale why spread the word, waste time of other people when you can do it yourself, and not wait 5 years to find a sucky movie, lol offtopic: i found the movie you're looking for on edonkey but i think it has russian dubbing there's also a torrent but it's only 93% complete, you might want to jump on it and hope you get lucky in 2-3 weeks ;)
  6. Best public stealth client ?

    why not ? it's the lounge, and it's dc related; i don't know if they will trade/share a private client, but i NEED it very much, and i feel entitled to having it yes, if only stealth clients were used then there would be nothing to download. i cannot just stop using it just because you say so, imho it is very helpful for people that look for rare files, i myself often search for rare books that i can't find anywhere else, since dc hubs are by far the greatest resource of files to be found on the internet and i'm not a leecher, i have uploaded over 12tb on dc until now, and i barely use it to download anything, since i have lots of accounts on private torrent trackers, but for some non-mainstream stuff,there's no other place to find it except on some random person on some random dc hub
  7. Best public stealth client ?

    What's the best DC stealth client you have ever used ? i'm not interested in fake sharing, just the ability to connect to many (hundreds) of hubs, very useful when i'm searching for something very rare the best i found so far is dcstealthy <<removed>> the downside of it is that the public client needs the forum user/pass to activate itself, and i have to constantly reigster on their forum since the account gets deleted if you don't post. does anyone have any private clients to share with me ? (preferably dcstealthy); i could trade or something..
  8. Code: c0000008 () Version: 1.0.0B2 (2007-04-10) Major: 5 Minor: 1 Build: 2600 SP: 2 Type: 1 Time: 2007-04-11 20:36:30 TTH: CWLBR24QOCVAJHKKX2A6KQORSW4IRCWPJH36EYA ntdll!0x7C964ED1: RtlRaiseStatus ntdll!0x7C94243C: RtlInitializeSListHead ntdll!0x7C90104B: RtlEnterCriticalSection ApexDC!0x0048E182: ? ApexDC!0x00450B9D: ? ApexDC!0x00421364: ? USER32!0x77D48744: GetDC USER32!0x77D48826: GetDC USER32!0x77D4B4D0: DefWindowProcW USER32!0x77D4B51C: DefWindowProcW ntdll!0x7C90EAE3: KiUserCallbackDispatcher USER32!0x77D4B913: SendMessageW COMCTL32!0x773EAFF1: Ordinal414 COMCTL32!0x773EB07F: Ordinal341 COMCTL32!0x7743CBA7: Ordinal384 COMCTL32!0x77417F04: Ordinal384 COMCTL32!0x7741DD04: Ordinal384 COMCTL32!0x7741ECAA: Ordinal384 COMCTL32!0x774215BE: Ordinal384 USER32!0x77D48744: GetDC USER32!0x77D48826: GetDC USER32!0x77D4C64F: IsWindowUnicode USER32!0x77D4C675: CallWindowProcW ApexDC!0x00480FDC: ? USER32!0x77D48744: GetDC USER32!0x77D48826: GetDC USER32!0x77D4B4D0: DefWindowProcW USER32!0x77D4B51C: DefWindowProcW ntdll!0x7C90EAE3: KiUserCallbackDispatcher USER32!0x77D48A20: DispatchMessageW ApexDC!0x0044C62E: ? i don't know what i did exactly, i was in download queue.. win xp sp2
  9. [1.0.0B/B2][Crash] FREQUENT

    it was stable for a few hours, after i joined more hubs (like 20) it started crashing.. exceptioninfo.txt
  10. Favorite hubs categories & download mp3 info

    because i don't feel like connecting to random hubs each time, and those hubs have the stuff i need, best big public hubs, hubs from my country, hubs for music etc
  11. no delay when reconnecting to user

    so why is this a "leech" feature ? the leecher is the person who constantly disconnects his uploads (it's happening at the moment i write these words, arrghhh) And it would be very irritating for leechers to see their uploads starting immediately after they disconnect them, heh..
  12. no delay when reconnecting to user

    it's not "hammering" if the user disconnected you, and i don't like being disconnected for no reason at all, so, at least make a keyboard shortcut for "force attempt", much easier than clicking on the menu
  13. It sometimes happens that I'm trying to get something from a lame user, and he/she keeps disconnecting me for no reason, especially on the local LAN hub, and i have to manually right click on file and choose force attempt; could you implement a 0 delay for reconnect after it says "disconnected" ? aslo, can the client detect when the disconnect was because the remote peer clicked "close connection" ?
  14. Auto reconnect to hub upon disconnect

    yep, i also wished for something like this, but it would have to be for the first reconnect only, or else, if the hub is down, it will just flood with connect packets, right ?
  15. Favorite hubs categories & download mp3 info

    yeah, a genre column could work well too if the devs are too lazy to code anything else, this should be very simple i don't see a scenario where video info fetching would be that useful, and besides there are so many codecs and container formats, it would have to use an external library or else it's not an easy task to do