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  1. NTFS File Symlinks make the indexer lock up

    Hehe, well that makes life a little easier. I can do that for Apex and the symlinks for other things as they seem to handle the symlinks fine. Thanks. :crying:
  2. Hi guys, I've symlinked files and directories from various hard drives into one folder structure using the NTFS symlink support that was added in Vista / Server 2008. This is working fine for directories which are symlinked but when it tries to index a symlinked file the indexer appears to lock up. The program itself remains responsive but the indexer freezes and reports that it's going at 0MB/s, when I close the program, an ApexDC++.exe process stays running and can only be stopped by terminating it. I've wondered if it might just be slow, but even leaving it for hours has made no difference, and other items on that drive indexed perfectly. I've run chkdisk etc to make sure it's not a drive fault that's causing it, but it found no issues. If I try and index the file directly rather than the symlink, that works fine. It appears it's just file symlinks that don't work. Any ideas? I'd really like to have things nice and neatly organised with this, rather than have to have groups of files on each drive indexed seperately.