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  1. Text formating in MC

    0.3.0 (Preview 3) - Feature: Format bold, italics and underline in chat (use *bold* /italics/ _underlined_) Doesn't work untill now. But something is triggering bold after incorrect using of usercommands (for example copyn PWDC commands to APEXDC) because some variables ar not the same. How do we realy change text formating in the MC?
  2. ApexDC 1.0.1 bugs

    I have noticed that this problem appears after using search more times. At the beginning I have file counter and after few times it is 0 files. (I am administrator of the hub and I search for forbidden files (there are few hundreds of them in my data base)). This problem is not so frequent but some times happens. It is a little bit annoying as after the crash no new settings are saved to HDD, search history of files mentioned above disappears. (it easier and more time saving to use history of search when I look for same forbidden files over and over again than coping them to search window)
  3. ApexDC 1.0.1 bugs

    I'm speaking about cirilc, baltic or other at one time (CHAT) ... if i'll change settings to cirilic I woun't see baltic letters at one time. Mirc has fixed this problem
  4. ApexDC 1.0.1 bugs

    but not in apex
  5. ApexDC 1.0.1 bugs

    I have noticed some bugs in new Apex version: 1. Minor bug is that in hub menu the mouse pointer is text sellection pointner (picture attached) 2. During search the result counter shows 0 files (XP is ok but win2k the problem apears frequently) (picture attached) 3. I suppose beta versions were more stable than 1.0.1 as new version is crashing more frequenly. Most comon crash is when kicking from the user list PS.: 1 - 2 points was tested on both Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 SP4 point no 3 only for win2kSP4 PS2: it would be nice to have version with fully suported UTF-8
  6. Favorite users

    so there is no solution for current version?
  7. Favorite users

    How to add users to favorite list when they are offline? Could be done by modifying favorites.xml file, but where shoud I get the CID? I have tried to generate md5 code from the string of the nickname, codes does not correspond. Please help Thank You
  8. Solved: ApexDC 1.0.0B5 bug - Search

    Strange, after installation ir was a problem, but after restart it is ok now. So we can close the topic Zlo: Ok, closing. :)
  9. Solved: ApexDC 1.0.0B5 bug - Search

    doesn't matter. for example "dctmp" - ir gives several hundred search results but in the bottom of the search window it gives wrong statistics: 0 Files. Filtered statistics is ok. with B4 it was everything ok
  10. When giving search results, total count for files stays 0 Files. OS: Win2k SP4
  11. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.2

    2. in your screen shot I cann't see the support column in nick list (my mistake: I said tag but I ment - column in the nick list) 3. No rmDC client is detected in the screenshot 4. Two examples cannot be compaired because different columns ar visable: please expand some columns in the nicklist .. printscreen it restar client ... pricntscreen it compare printscreens actualy in your printscreen diference can be clearly seen: Tag columns width in first sample before restart is wider than tag column in the second sample after restart
  12. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.2

    2. Info User: Nick: ***** Share: ***** B Description: Tag: <ApexDC++ V:0.2.2,M:A,H:0/0/1,S:3> Connection: 10 E-Mail: Client: Version: 0.2.2 Mode: A Hubs: 0/0/1 Slots: 3 UpLimit: N/A IP: ***.***.***.*** Pk String: DCPLUSPLUS0.694ABCABC Lock: EXTENDEDPROTOCOLABCABCABCABCABCABC Supports: MiniSlots XmlBZList ADCGet TTHL TTHF GetZBlock ZLIG I ment this support in the nick list PK string is the last column in the list 4. As I am hub oner and I have one rule (more then one slot when more than one hub) I sort users by slot and watching hub counts that exceed 1. The hub column is narrow, I expand it. After the restar of the ApexDC it is narrowed again (hub is in the favorites an is autojoin)
  13. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.2

    0.2.2 nice but: 1. Here is clear chat option for the mouse, but still not the button like in the pwdc but context meniu in the main chat. A litle bit uncomfortable for me personaly. nondefoult option for button would be better. 2. where the hell the support tag has disapare? 3. PWDC was able to identify rmDC in emulation mode 4. nick list tag column width cann't be memorized What I woul like to see in the future: 1. ADSL search for TTH 2. Total hub count in the separate nicklist column or at lease seperate hub number x/y/z 3. Whaiting for scripting possibilities and web page script database (with uploads) feature. B)
  14. Clear Chat Button

    Is there a clear chat button as was available in peerweb or I can't find it how to turn on I do realise that /c is working but some times it better to use a button while not using keybord for and only mouse