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  1. Showing Foreign Letters in Apex DC++

    I think you must try ot set up all the menus in regional and languages settings to match russian (in regional options and advanced tab).Then Apply and restart your machine and i think that everything must be fine :)
  2. I was only in one hub (100 users) and i was only downloading one thing (jericho s01e18 on rars), i got in one more hub to find other sources, i searched (in the old way, not with the toolbar) for 'jericho', but i didn't find anything so i left that hub ( when i got in that second hub 2 people started to download from me a tv show (2 users, one show )).I left that hub, closed connections with those 2 users, and got in other hub, and again searched for 'jericho 18' and then the program freezed, and i saw the except info I'm using Win Xp Sp2, with latest updates, Intel® Celeron® CPU 1.70GHz 768 Ram .. and 64 MB MX440 Nvidia video card If it is needed i can give more info Code: c0000005 (Access violation) Version: 1.0.0B2 (2007-04-10) Major: 5 Minor: 1 Build: 2600 SP: 2 Type: 1 Time: 2007-04-12 21:39:23 TTH: CWLBR24QOCVAJHKKX2A6KQORSW4IRCWPJH36EYA ntdll!0x7C918FEA: RtlpWaitForCriticalSection ntdll!0x7C90104B: RtlEnterCriticalSection d:\cvs\apexdc++\trunk\client\user.h(114): Identity::getNick d:\cvs\apexdc++\trunk\windows\hubframe.cpp(693): HubFrame::onSpeaker d:\cvs\apexdc++\trunk\windows\hubframe.h(74): HubFrame::ProcessWindowMessage d:\program files\microsoft visual studio 8\vc\atlmfc\include\atlwin.h(3078): ATL::CWindowImplBaseT<WTL::CMDIWindow=0x04121FF0,ATL::CWinTraits<1456406528=0x00000000,64> >::WindowProc USER32!0x7E418734: GetDC USER32!0x7E418816: GetDC USER32!0x7E4189CD: GetWindowLongW USER32!0x7E418A10: DispatchMessageW d:\cvs\apexdc++\includes\wtl\atlapp.h(584): WTL::CMessageLoop::Run d:\cvs\apexdc++\trunk\windows\main.cpp(431): Run 0x001D00D0: ? ApexDC!0x0044E2A2: MainFrame::FileListQueue::`scalar deleting destructor' ApexDC!0x00469A57: [thunk]:MainFrame::`vector deleting destructor' kernel32!0x7C830000: CreateFiberEx 0x90909090: ? P.S. I searched for this crash, is it reported in the forum, but i couldn/t find anything, so i post it now :)
  3. Slow download after 98%

    Froum queue remove the slow user, and then add new user for who you know that has good speed to you :(
  4. In the present situation there are 20 or 30 emo packs on apex site and probbably 100 other .. and if apex user is using for example skype emoticons and \the user with who he is talking is using nerdcore emoticons, and he writes emoticon, the apex user with skype emoticons will see only for example :angel and not the real emoticon, and only text because in skype emoticons the angel icon is (angel).So my idea is to have a list with all the widespread emoticons and there meaning .. i mean the emoticon icons have relative meanings, yes ? so my idea is for apex, to have a list of all those emoticons, their graphic meaning (in skype (angel) in nerdcore :angel:) and automatically to display the appropriate icon for the users emo pack. P.S. Sorry if you couldn't undetsrand anything, but i have never been good in explaining things .. but i can answer questions, so ask is something from my request is not clear :)
  5. Majoe impoments o Apexdc++

    This is possible use diffrent ports for example if the hub is dc.google.com (good ideq ), you can ad it in fav with this adress, and the other can be dc.google.com:411 , the default port for dc hub .. i think that in most of the hubs it is active :)
  6. ip something

    http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtop...amp;#entry10444 the same idea :)
  7. IP auto update

    I think that if you use this guide http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtopic=4 you won't have problems with your dynamic ip Also you can check do you have static host from isp, and if you have you can use it instead that from dyndns
  8. windows Me non conpatible

    or if you can;t upgrade use this http://sourceforge.net/project/downloading...use_mirror=mesh This is Common controls 5.80 and on www.dcpp.net\download (in the moment it is offline, use this ) you can see : Common controls 5.80 (only needed on Windows 95, 98 when DC++ asks for them) ;)
  9. Translating help

    I have started a bulgarian translation of 0.4.0 version and i`m 40 or 50 % done, but when i try to use the semi translated file with apex it didn't work, when i try to open the xml file with Internet Explorer i get The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An invalid character was found in text content. Error processing resource 'file:///C:/Downloads/bg/BG.xml'. Line 4, Positi... <String Name="AcceptedDisconnects"> and the string is : <String Name="AcceptedDisconnects">Допустими прекъсвания</String> Only for a test I removed that string, but i got the same error message for the next string and so on. So where is my problem and what must I do to fix it ? P.S. I'm posting the begining of the xml file; I'm using wordpad for the translation. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <Language Name="Bulgarian" Author="Dagoburd | dagoburd@gmail.com" Version="0.4.0" Revision="1"> <Strings> <String Name="AcceptedTimeouts">Допустими Паузи</String> <String Name="Active">Активен</String> <String Name="ActiveSearchString">Разрешени / Низ за търсене</String> <String Name="Add">&Добави</String>
  10. Hash progress bar?

    And this won't work if you are using some kind of language pack where view menu is not 'view' and something else When you hash files the progres is shwon in indexing service and in the left corner of apex :)
  11. Ip info in finished download/uploads

    Yep u are right :> I use ripe.net for getting info for ip but, with finished transfer and user out of the hub i don't know what's the ip soi can't use ripe I mean that, apex is showing ip, when there is a transfer, right ? So, ask if this ip can be logged with users nick, hub anddate and time of the transfer in up/down finished transfer window P.S. I'm using GeoIP :>
  12. See the topic for my request :> It wolud be usefull to see, who from waht adress had uploaded something from you (or from what ip have you downloaded something ) users ip is always shown when there is a transfer so, it wouldn't be hard (i think :>) to get one more colomn in finished downloads/uploads with users ip P.S. Also the user flag can be there with the ip :>
  13. When i changed the color for ignored user is user list , all the icons in front of the nicks disappeared Look here to see what i saw I tried to reconnect to the hub but afted i got again in , them situation was the same.In the other hubs where i'm the icons were also disappeared. After i restarted the program everything was all right again I'm using Apex dc++ 0.3.0 with skype emoticons if there is some importance of that :D
  14. Stop Mainchat

    I use a lot of big hubs so there is a lot of talking in the mainchat, but i don't use it>In audition the users are talking only dump things, and this mainchat is using only ram.I want a function in Apex, which can stop mainchat.I think that most of the suers don;t use that chat, and it only eats cpu soo the function will be helpful :crying:
  15. Stop Mainchat

    Yep, there is but if you turn it on it is for every hub wher u are :crying: I'm talking for such function for each hub (for example in fav hub window there can be a button "don't suppress main chat in this hub") Sry if i had'nt been clear enough in my first post :)
  16. ApexDC++ Translations

    ApexDC++ BULGARIAN This is my first translations of a program, so if there are some mistakes, write to me, to get them fixed I couldn't find some of the items is settings windows (for example in advanced, experts only 'socket read/write buffer' or raw commands or password protection ) in EN_example.xml so they are not translated Update: 11.04.07 - There was problem with the encoding, and the translations was not working with the new 1.0 B2 version of Apex.I'm attaching the old translation now (fully working), later i will attach the new Apex 1.0 Translation with the new strings. Update: 13.04.07 - The new translation is here For version 1.0.0 B2, with removed some mistakes from the version for 0.4.0 of apex :) ApexDC___0.4.0_Bulgarian__made_by_dagoburd__v_0.4.0.xml ApexDC___1.0.0_B2_Bulgarian_Translation_Made_by_Dagoburd.xml
  17. [Bug] Change colors/userlist icons diaappered

    From settings -> colors and fonts -> user list colors i changed the color for ignored user in user list from green to black.When i pressed ok an settings window disappered, all the icons in user list were not there Adn this was in all hubs where i were. P.S. Sorry for my english, it is not very good ..
  18. Update Ip on reconect

    Ok, thank you for the help :blushing:
  19. Update Ip on reconect

    I'm using a pppoe connection but my connection dropes a lot.So every time when it drops and it reconects my ip is diffrent , and so my apexdc is not working, so i have to shut it down and to start it again .. sometimes a forget and it isn't very nice to have 30 Mb ram used by apexdc++ but actually it isn't doing anything So if there is a way for a functiuon to update ip on every reconect of the internet connection.(as it is now to update ip on startup, also very good function ) Thank you. Your program is very good :D
  20. Update Ip on reconect

    mm where to enter it ? :blushing: http://img490.imageshack.us/img490/9173/dcmx0.jpg box 1 or box 2 .. and after i done it i don't need the setting 'update ip ot every startup' yeah ? :)
  21. Update Ip on reconect

    Even it is'nt diconecting regulary, it is normal do get disconected some times The period is not so short, but if you get reconected every time you are given new IP ... m how can i use in tahta case dyndns .. i have a unchangable host by my ISP and also i';m using no-ip.com so i have one more stattic host :blushing: .. but how can i use them ? :)