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  1. [Bug][0.2.0] /pubstats bug

    All you need is to replace snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "\n-=[ ApexDC++ %s ]=-\r\n-=[ Uptime: %s][ Cpu time: %s ]=-\r\n-=[ Memory usage (peak): %s (%s) ]=-\r\n-=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): %s (%s) ]=-\r\n-=[ Downloaded: %s ][ Uploaded: %s ]=-\r\n-=[ Total download: %s ][ Total upload: %s ]=-\r\n-=[ System Uptime: %s]=-\r\n-=[ CPU Clock: %f MHz ]=-", with snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "\r\n-=[ ApexDC++ %s ]=-\r\n-=[ Uptime: %s][ Cpu time: %s ]=-\r\n-=[ Memory usage (peak): %s (%s) ]=-\r\n-=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): %s (%s) ]=-\r\n-=[ Downloaded: %s ][ Uploaded: %s ]=-\r\n-=[ Total download: %s ][ Total upload: %s ]=-\r\n-=[ System Uptime: %s]=-\r\n-=[ CPU Clock: %f MHz ]=-", And bug is gone.
  2. Compiling ApexDC++

    404 on this link(
  3. Compiling ApexDC++

    Keep getting Error 1 fatal error C1189: #error : You must use compiled STLPort else you can't use optimized node allocator. d:\Temp\ApexDC++_0.2.2_source\client\stdinc.cpp 28 I'm using STLPort from link above. What might be wrong?
  4. [Crash] Download queue

    Hehe, I'm not steeling, but confirming bug existance B)
  5. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.2

    I was noticed about this problem by a friend of mine. He was trying to download them several times from different mirrors, but always got error while unpacking. I've tryed to download and unpack it, so I got exactly same error.
  6. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.2

    Sources archive seems to be broken. I cannot unpack it, winrar triggers error.
  7. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.2

    Cool, downloading B)
  8. RoBots in Apex?

    'cause I know php better . Actually, php and its usage in mBot was just an example of the scripting implementation. It's just a plugin and it uses standart php dll to execute scripts, so you don't need to write interpreter from scratch.
  9. RoBots in Apex?

    Take a look into mBot of MirandaIM. It's small, uses standart php library and you can script on it almost everything. And, of course, its the plugin.
  10. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.1

    As a developer I also do not like rushing from users, but could you at least say when should we expect 0.2.2? :D
  11. RoBots in Apex?

    I think that "normal" (not op) client should also contain support of scripts. With scripts you may do almost anything - advanced away system, log collector and many many more easily customizable actions. I don't hold to php, it may be any scripting language. But it would be totally cool. And developers shouldn't bother about adding such narrow shaped features like in this request. As for php support - you may look into mBot for Miranda IM plugin. It delivers php scripting into miranda.
  12. RoBots in Apex?

    I still recommend you to include scripting support into Apex. So such complicated features like search bots, multiple away messages and so on might be done by user. And your client would be much more powerful.
  13. RoBots in Apex?

    I think making usage of some script language (i.e. php) will end all such feature requests. Why code so narrowly shaped feature, if you may script it by your own!
  14. Compiling ApexDC++

    I'd like to recommend you NSIS installer. It's free and very powerful.
  15. Force rechecking of a file

    Not sure, because source is currently offline, but seems like it doesn't work in 2.01 too.
  16. Force rechecking of a file

    Yes, was using this method before. But now it doesn't work(.
  17. [Bug]Download queue wipe

    For example, you may quickly make an backup copy right after "close" command was received. And after that close it as it should be. And on start up do some checking. Or, at least, make the download queue backup every hour and place them into separate folder. And clean it every 2 days, for example.
  18. Force rechecking of a file

    Fully support this request! Today my download queue was wiped and I have to readd all files. But then I'm readding them, the start to download from the beggining, which is bad, cause I was downloading some files for a week or more(. Old Strong 1.0RC10 was able to resume such downloads. Please, make this feature as soon as possible.
  19. [Bug]Download queue wipe

    So, please, do something, I really hate this.
  20. [Bug]Download queue wipe

    Seems like it happens if program was terminated on its closure. For example if I close Apex and immediatelly click on Windows - Shut Down. Or if I try to start another copy of the app while current one wasn't closed yet. I need to look into task manager every time I'm closing Apex, which is annoying too(.
  21. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.1

    As far as it contains some almost critical fixes, I think you should release new maintenance update.
  22. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.1

    So, StrongDC 2.02 has released. We're waiting for ApexDC update! =)
  23. [CRASH][0.2.1]

    Be careful. Especially if this is an IBM IC35 or DTLA drive. Mine died few days ago. It also was making strange noise.
  24. [Bug] Apex CPU++

    Can confirm that. After some event (can't realise which one) comp starts to slowing down. I even can see how each line of the chat is repainted. If I close and then restart application (Apex), all returns to normal. Been thinking if this may be caused by XP styled menus (I've enabled them). So I've disabled it, but not much time has been passed, so can't say if this helps. (Same on russian) Если криво на английском выразился, повторю на русском. Через некоторое время (не понятное какое, может через пару часов после запуска, а может вообще не тормозить) Апекс начинает жутко тормозить, видно даже как вкладки/чат перерисовываются. Закрываю - открываю заново - все ок.