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  1. How about situation when seeder sends corrupted data? Bad client/blocking software or hardware failure on his side - this might happen for short period and you'll get faulty packet. I still think that full rechecking according to TTH is a must. My queue.xml was wiped. I've restored download with old SDC version (1.0RC10). So now I'm downloading it. But everytime source appears online, new Strong (Apex too) is seeking something on HDD (for a couple of minutes) and only after that restarts download. FreeBlocks and VerifiedParts are not saved into the queue.xml. I hope you will add some method to check and resume such downloads painlessly. Old methods won't work anymore .
  2. Few things

    And how to become a tester?)
  3. Few things

    How about public TODO or Wishlist?)
  4. Still, can't understand why you won't allow rechecking blocks. Its impossible to fix incomplete downloads now, for example, from another p2p client, like uTorrent. At my point of view, in case of big file transfers through WAN (there even connection may be unstable), full file rechecking is a rule. Remember md5 hashes even for ftp on public servers.
  5. So, may it detect faulty blocks in the file being downloaded?
  6. And why it doesn't suite for multisource files?
  7. Ok, how about Advanced resume using TTH. How it work in SDC now? This thread is also related to the problem
  8. I doubt this cache is related with disk cache.
  9. If this feature is totally useless, why it is present in many other p2p-clients? Are their authors so stupid at your point of view?
  10. But in this case you can detect such situation and fix! Why are you objecting, I can't understand.
  11. Hey, why just not to return file rechecking? uTorrent has it, oldschool StrongDC had it too. And this is not hardware failure, but SDC bug!
  12. I have a problem

    3dfx The problem is that not everywhere we have cheap or/and unlimited internet access. But in case of internal ISP network or home nets (which is very popular in big cities) - file sharing is totally free . For us such solution would sounds like "Move to Moscow" ))
  13. I have a problem

    Move to China . Or at least Russia ;)
  14. Download disconnects

    We were noticed about such behaviour in our hub. Seems like it somehow linked with slow user disconnecting.
  15. Resuming incomplete files

    Doesn't work anymore as of StrongDC 2.0x
  16. [Bug][0.2.2] Starting error

    Install VMWare, install Win98 on it and test, test, test :)
  17. IPB 2.2

    I'm with ipb for almost 4 years. Made some popular mods for 2.0. All I can say, 2.2 is not revolution, but just an evolution of 2.1.
  18. [Bug] Apex CPU++

    Seems like high cpu load somehow referenced with visiting waiting users tab. Sometimes, apex almost hangs drawing it. I have 10-30 waiting users usually.
  19. NetLimiter detection doesn't work with 2.x NetLimiter versions. Say, it just doesn't recognize its presence.
  20. Not detecting netlimiter is not a problem for me. We've found a leecher on our hub, where his connection description says "Netlimiter [1kb/s]". So, I have 2.08 installed and I've added a limit to Apex, but nothing's changed. I think you may wish to fix it for proper limiting detection.
  21. [Crash] Download queue

    Second time experienced this bug. While downloading from a slow user filelist, go to download queue and click on "Filelist" node of the treeview. Apex will crash without any notice.
  22. Check my bugreport. You may get a corrupted file. Why contradict, just readd this feature :stuart:.
  23. And it is very bad! You must recheck data after downloading.
  24. Поддерживаю. Только убрали это дело походу.
  25. If understood it right, it must publish my stats to chat? So, seems like a bug in there. In our hub we have limit of max 10 lines of text. So, hub bot replys to this command As we can see, output has only 8 lines... I misunderstood something or this is a bug? Hub is running VerliHub.