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  1. Raw Commands

    ups, well than you have to wait till next version. Don´t know any other way for it.
  2. Raw Commands

    Use higher priority for kicks than doublecheck in ADLsearch. kicks = 255 priority D.C = 254 priority Try %[fileFN] if %[userCS] does not work, don´t know if it works but try. Maybe Crise have set it just to put up filename not the path dunno.
  3. Raw Commands

    You´re welcome Now you can change test 2 and 3 to your own messege or remove it, I also think (not sure) you could change the messege from PtokaX someware if you need.
  4. Raw Commands

    I think this has something to do with Ptokax not the client. This line comes from the hub "You're kicked 1 time(s), get 3 and you're banned!" I would not send the client name in kick reason cos he´s not being kicked for the client, or is he? Try this line $To: %[userNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> You are being kicked for 30min because: (test 1) %[userCS]|$To: -OP-chat- From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> (<%[userNI]> - %[userI4] )----> is being kicked for 30 min because of (test 2) %[userCT] - %[userCS]|<%[myNI]> !kick %[userNI] - (test 3) %[userCS]| See if test3 comes to the user or not try this also $To: %[userNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> You are being kicked for 30min because: (test 1) %[userCS]|$To: -OP-chat- From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> (<%[userNI]> - %[userI4] )----> is being kicked for 30 min because of (test 2) %[userCT] - %[userCS]|$kick %[userNI] - (test 3) %[userCS]|
  5. Raw Commands

    I think you did not reconnect after changing the RAW becouse you are still using the old one. Like I said before, I don´t think you can use To: OpChat, use %[myNI]
  6. Raw Commands

    $To: %[userNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> You are being tempbanned for 2h because: %[fileFN]|$To: %[myNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> <%[userNI]> ----> is being banned for 2h because: %[fileFN]|<%[myNI]> !kick %[userNI] %[fileFN]| Ok I tested this command on the beta and it workes, hope it workes on 0.4.0 too
  7. Raw Commands

    Ok did you check the checkbox Forbidden in ADLsearch?
  8. Raw Commands

    Well that depends if you wrote something in that cheat description, for ex. If you are kicking for a client go to settings and clients, pick a client that is banned and config it to have a cheating description and pick a raw command for it. What are you kicking for? small error fix $To: %[userNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> You are being tempbanned for 2h because: %[userCT] %[userCS]|$To: %[myNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> <%[userNI]> ----> is being banned for 2h because of %[userCT] %[userCS]|<%[myNI]> !kick %[userNI] %[userCT] %[userCS]|
  9. Raw Commands

    Try The reason you get disconnected is this $To: -OpChat- Not sure if you can use it, maybe Crise knows.
  10. Raw Commands

    In verlihub
  11. Has AML quit? What happend to the website?
  12. Is it not possible to get the program to check the port by itself, some kind of echo or ping too see if the ports are open. Don´t know how it´s done i´m just asking if it isn´t a possibility, that would be a good feature in the program.
  13. I am loosing the userlist icons too like I have reported but I can´t reproduce it, It´s more likely to do this after a long uptime, but I will keep trying to reproduce it.
  14. ApexDC++ Translations

    Icelandic - Íslenska for ApexDC v0.4.0 IS_Example.xml
  15. Yes it´s working for me too when I do this. Thanx for figuring this out.
  16. A lot of ppl are using Vista now and with new os's comes new errors. I know you don´t like these error reports Crise but I think it´s better to report them now so ApexDC will oparate on Vista when it comes out. Here is one error that my friend got, don´t know if this is an error in ApexDC or Vista itself. There is no exception info from ApexDC from this crash but here is the crash info that Vista came with. Problem signature Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: DllHost.exe Application Version: 6.0.6000.16386 Application Timestamp: 4549b14e Fault Module Name: StackHash_1703 Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 02ddb5ed OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 1039 Additional Information 1: 1703 Additional Information 2: 2264db07e74365624c50317d7b856ae9 Additional Information 3: 1344 Additional Information 4: 875fa2ef9d2bdca96466e8af55d1ae6e Extra information about the problem Bucket ID: 346198778 This error comes when hashing removable hdd, he tried few times but always a crash. --------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a crash I forgot to report from one from my hub Exception Info came with this.... Code: c0000005 (Access violation) Version: 0.4.0 (2006-12-24) Major: 6 Minor: 0 Build: 6000 SP: 0 Type: 1 Time: 2006-12-30 21:52:48 TTH: YBP45KNMY2PE64J2ZH7A77UJFMDBI4A4FN657VI 0x81B98794: ?
  17. ApexDC to do the port check?

    The point is to see if you are correctly active or not, don´t know if you heard this one before but I guess you have, "Why can´t I search or download, I am set to active and I have opend port on my router" It´s not good eather to have the p2p connection site down aswell and ppl don´t know that it´s false resoults in it. This is taking time for op´s and is annoying to explain it over and over again. I don´t think he would give the source code for this site, but it would be better to have two sites like that, I can´t find another that checks TCP and UDP like this.
  18. Client Compatibility

    DCDM is based on DC++ 4.01 and therefor outdated client, I don´t think DCDM special has an updated core so it´s the same. I recomend you use Zion++ Blue insted until the ApexDC op version is availible (hopefully soon).
  19. even more ideas :D

    Start off by saying that I don´t like these connection icons and I think nobody cares about them, so what could we do to make them more fun hehe I was thinking like icons of boys and girls. You would select male or female in settings profile window and icons would appear like that. Ofcourse there would be firewall and fireball in them, green, yellow and blue boy and girl and OP. And maybe a diffrent pics for op´s in each class, don´t know if thats possible. Just make them simple so users know what thay mean.
  20. Help with dynamic IP and active mode

    PLZ, don´t be rude. Use bind address to map your LAN IP and use the same IP in router. If you have ApexDC 0.4.0 then it have a drop down box with your LAN IP in bind address. There are more things you have to check like software firewall, try disable it and try again.
  21. Here is a fix for the Icelandic dDC++ client. Your list says dDC++ 6.02-6.04 but it does not detect dDC++ 6.04 but only 6.02. <ClientProfile> <Name>Client: dDC++</Name> <Version>^6\.(0(2|4))|0\.(6(0(2|4)))$</Version> <Tag>^&lt;dDC\+\+ V:%[version],M</Tag> <ExtendedTag/> <Lock>^EXTENDEDPROTOCOLABCABCABCABCABCABC$</Lock> <Pk>DCPLUSPLUS%[version]ABCABC|DDCPLUSPLUS%[version]ABCABC</Pk> <Supports/> <TestSUR/> <UserConCom/> <Status/> <CheatingDescription/> <RawToSend>145113794</RawToSend> <UseExtraVersion>0</UseExtraVersion> <CheckMismatch>0</CheckMismatch> <Connection/> <Comment>Deilir dDC++ (6.02 - 6.04) // info: iDC++ Mod, No Fake Feature</Comment> <Recheck>0</Recheck> <SkipExtended>1</SkipExtended> <SkipExtended2>0</SkipExtended2> <SkipExtended3>0</SkipExtended3> <KeyType>0</KeyType> </ClientProfile>
  22. This error is likely to have something to do with your fast system dual physical cpu:s
  23. even more ideas :D

    Hehe thats an idea too, but I would not go so far with it but I think a lot of ppl would like to see this hehe and dislike ofcourse, maybe when Crise does my PM window this info could be implemented hehe. No I was thinking to do a simple user icons but like the old DC++ user icons thay only have men, I have a lot of girls in my hub and girls are starting to use DC more and more so I tought it would be good idea to be able to chose the icon boy or girl. Not that it matters A location and age is maybe an idea too like the old irc when ppl was always asking of age, gender and location. I´m just thinking how we can make dc experience more fun for users, I think developers focus more about the tecnical things then how users interact with the program. A great program is fun to use with great user interface, simple with the option for advanced settings, stable and runs light and gets the job done right :)
  24. Extra Slot To..

    Would be cool to have a feature that gives an extra slot to the ones that have dl the most, I see in my ul queue that many have reached 99% or som so it would be good if thay could finish theire dl. Sort of "finish file extra slot" just for that file, he would not be able to start a new dl after that file, the slot would then be given to next guy that has the most dl' ed file. Hope you get what i´´m trying to say :)
  25. Extra Slot To..

    No it does not matter how big the file is, if it´s 5mb it would only take a few seconds then off to next man.