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  1. Longest uptime?

    -=[ ApexDC++ Compiled on: 2007-06-26 ]=- -=[ Uptime: 1 week 10 hours 32 min ][ Cpu time: 1:31:20 ]=- -=[ Memory usage (peak): 30,18 MB (42,39 MB) ]=- -=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): 48,95 MB (54,87 MB) ]=- -=[ Downloaded: 228,76 MB ][ Uploaded: 44,40 GB ]=- -=[ Total download: 1,26 GB ][ Total upload: 150,09 GB ]=- -=[ System Uptime: 1 week 4 days 11 hours 8 min ]=- -=[ CPU Clock: 2212,885973 MHz ]=- and still running........ :(
  2. I think it would be a good feature to have the abilitie to right click on file in filelist and have report filename to op´s. Maybe filename + TTH root. That way users can help with ease to clean up the hub.
  3. Report filename to op´s

    Don´t think you can report filename from filelist with usercommand from hubside, you can report the user but that´s not the same
  4. Notepad++

    The NotePad in DC programs is not the actually Notepad from MS but only a text reader and editor. So DC programs can not use Notepad++ internally.
  5. Status: Where is my Beta 3?

    Great job with the new forum look, I love it!! :)
  6. [Support] MyInfo spam

    Can´t find a good answer what is happening when user gets MyInfo spam, can someone tell me :D
  7. [1.0.0B2][Bug] Emulation problems

    You can´t have limiter running and you have to be using DC++ new connection type otherwise it won´t work. I can´t reproduce this errors you are talking about, so it could be many things. Crise will see what this is from exceptions info.
  8. Icons

    Ok here is a fix for Windows 2003 and Vista. Unrar this to your ApexDC/Theame folder, then go on settings in the program and there in toolbar. Click browse at Normal and load the image ApexDC-Toolbar-1.0.0.Win2003.Vista.bmp and with mouse over load the high bmp and put 22px in the boxes behind, then restart the program and this should not be problem anymore. This will be fixed in final version of ApexDC 1.0.0 Thank you for your post. :D ApexDC_Toolbar_1.0.0.Win2003.Vista.rar
  9. Icons

    Sorry about this I tought I had this fixed for all versions of windows. I will look into this. ApexDC_Toolbar_1.0.0.Win2003.Vista.rar
  10. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    Don´t think this has anything to do with nod32, i´m using Kaspersky IS
  11. ApexDC++ 1.0.0B

    Tested it in my WinXPpro SP2 and got the same thing. To get to this you´ll have to go to dl queue and search for altenatives and in resoults in search right click a file and... Tested the same thing in Zion without this error
  12. Import settings

    Is it not possible to let ApexDC read from other client setting (ex. dcplusplus.xml) and take the settings that match ApexDC settings so users don´t have to set the program again. And favorites so it can split the old favorite to ApexDC favorite and users.. so this could be done safely
  13. Raw Commands

    What´s %[userAT] for
  14. - It would be nice to have a preview window of now playing in the toolbar as it would come out if sent to chat. - Update the avi preveiw aswell, saw that new version is out. - Better update window and auto install, Update client, GeoIP and client list. It would be good to see avalible languages and be able to dl and install them from update. - Drop down window with avalible LAN IP´s in bind address - More colums in userlist for op's, like Client, Cheat discription, Comment and Supports. (This is important for op´s)
  15. Separate color for protected prefixes

    Maybe a rigt click on a user to add to protected users would be nice.
  16. Hub windows empty

    Right click on main chat and check the Autoscroll chat
  17. Velkomin

    Ræðið saman, komið með uppástungur, sendið inn villur og byðjið um hjálp hér. Ef þið hafið spurningar varðandi ApexDC þá mun ég reyna að svara þeim eftir bestu getu. Endilega skrifið hérna villur sem þið fáið svo hægt sé að laga þær fyrir næstu útgáfu.
  18. AML 2.6

    Can you activate me manually cos I did not get any e-mail verifycation.
  19. AML 2.6

    Toast when are you going to fix your forum, I need it :)
  20. ApexDC++ conflicting with PeerGuardian

    Have you tried to update your PG database?
  21. Apex with Kaspersky Anti Hacker and Anti Virus

    What version og Anti-Hacker are you using? I would open a TCP/UDP port in the firewall cos some firewalls only open for outgoing traffic but not incoming. I´m using Kaspersky Internet Security 6 without any problems.
  22. Stainted toolbar images

    Just wanted to say if anyone else has this bug that it will be fixed in upcoming version 0.5.0
  23. Stainted toolbar images

    I did some digging on the web and I think I found a way to fix this in the next release. Maybe when I have fixed them i´ll give you a pm with a link to the new icons so you could test it for me if it´s ok with you. I just found the microsoft site that shows how to do this right so I pritty sure this will be fixed, till now I have just been experamenting cus I never knew how to do this perfectly right hehe. So thank you for this post, without it I would not have found the way :)
  24. Stainted toolbar images

    I think this is only a problem in the operating system, this does not happen in WinXP 32bit. But i´ll take a look and try to fix it if it´s possible for next version.
  25. upload problems

    Have you tried to update your routers firmware. And in settings in ApexDC - Advanced - check the checkbox "Send garbage on outgoing connections"