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  1. Follow last redirect

    I would like to see Follow last redirect disabled by defult.
  2. Follow last redirect

    I got a good reason.... If ppl have to pay for international dl thay choose a hub with a ip bot, however if some op decides to redirect me to a another international hub and with me sleeping, I start to dl with cost. If ppl whant to follow these redirects thay can use the "follow last redirect button"
  3. [Support][0.2.0] IP address problem

    Use this IP ( in settings - connection settings - External/WAN IP box. Uncheck "Update IP on startup" and check "Don´t allow hub/upnp to overwrite"
  4. Translating ApexDC++

    I did try putting it in *.txt file but it can´t be used on this
  5. Translating ApexDC++

    This is only for Tony´s programs, can´t use it
  6. I got this request from one in my hub and I think this would be a good fidus. When downloading a whole series folder it would be great to get the shows by there number not random.
  7. Translating ApexDC++

    Best way to get the EN.xml file is by downloading the source of ApexDC Download Source
  8. Few things

    o ok, but what about 1 more than no comment :)
  9. Few things

    I don´t think your reply was in right order but I think I got the answers right, there are 11 requests. 1. Maybe pointless (Better to find ppl in the list when you are looking) but it feels like it´s not complete somehow 2. Yep it would be cool to see 3. You did not answer this 4. I will make an addon on my toolbar 2 for sure 5. demit as an op I have so much in the notepad hehe 6-7. Would be great 8. demit but ok 9. Would be cool for stubit ppl who don´t know where to look 10. Thougt so, so ok 11. Ok just thougt it would be cool not only see Online, online where? i´m in alot of hubs
  10. Filelist

    There are two things I would like to see in filelist windows 1. How big the whole filelist is. 2. How many items are under the selected folder. Some ppl have very large filelist up to 3mb filelist, so when helping ppl to minimize the filelist I need too see where there are many small files in a folder, like emotion folder with 5000 smileys that make filelist very big so it can be zipped or something. Hope you see what I meen. So I could click on folder and see how many files are in that subfolders and easally brows to folders I´m trying to find to see where I could profit most by zipping.
  11. TV shows series downloaded by name

    Thanx for good response to this topic. I think alphabetacly in folder is the only way to do this, it could work for any kind of files not only shows and most ppl who sort in theyre folders have all things in the folder sorted by alphabet. Even if you have something in 100+ the first files are in most cases blabla-015 for example. Well if it is not perfect like that in first version there will always be fixed version, so I would like this to get to beta asap
  12. TV shows series downloaded by name

    Yes but that does not happen very often, and I know this would not be perfect unless the showes are named all the seme but most ppl do so it would be a great start.
  13. TV shows series downloaded by name

    Could it prioritise it by take the first file in a folder by alphabet and work it way down, I know it would be hard to make it detect the number of the show by it self. DC does sort by alphabet allredy so is it possible?
  14. made wallpaper for me

    yea I will make one in another color next, this forum color just overtook me hehe
  15. made wallpaper for me

    ApexDC RadoX wall 1 ApexDC RadoX wall2 hihi :)
  16. made wallpaper for me

    nice Greg but I can´t use it in my 21" widescreen hehe Does someone else have a cool ApexDC wallpaper? would like too see more Next time I have free time I´m going to make another, hehe good fun when your bored. Try Ulead PhotoImpact 12 it´s fun program.
  17. Close button

    This can be configured in settings - Windows - confirm application exit
  18. Close button

    Close is to close minimize is to minimize, but could be option in settings to minimize to tray.
  19. [Support] unable to dload filelists

    Try useing Bind Address (Your lan ip), configure your wan ip and ports correctly click check connection under the ports (Try use ports 1412 in both TCP and UDP if your ports fail) and if it´s ok check the box Don´t allow hub/Upnp to overwrite
  20. [Bug] Hub disconnects

    I really starting to think this is hub related, the hub has been acting strange for the last month so I started a hub topic about this and it turnes out that some other ppl are getting this too, but only the Apex users complaind hehe. I am trying too see what this problem really is so maybe it would be best to delete this topic and the one about download disconnect.
  21. [Bug] Hub disconnects

    *** An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host I have complaints about this in my hub, I got two tonight. Only ApexDC users gets this. Are other users getting this or is it just here in Iceland If so than this is somehow language related hehe, but I don´t think so
  22. Emoticons---Dont work.......

    If you use my pack you see most of smileys from other packs, I have maybe 2-5 commands for each smiley, commands that are used on other packs so you sould be able to see all or most of the emotions on the chat. http://www.apexdc.net/?id=customise
  23. Download disconnects

    I am a class 10 on this verlihub from 24shells with 700 users, and this has nothing to do with the hubsoft cos this is happening on YnHub too. You can get in alright and could be fine for a long time, but it just disconnects out of the blue for all I see. Verlihub Linux and YnHub the most popular hubsofts than this is Apex error. What in the hub soft sould couse this, what is it that the hub don´t like? Can upgrating client couse this, moving files from other dc program to apex?
  24. Share fix needed

    Sample of list Take a look at this, not made on purpose. Ppl don´t know how to fix this and it´s no good for anyone.
  25. Share fix needed

    I see alot of two folders with same name in share on my hub some made on purpose but som accidental, witch make them inpossible to dl from. Can´t this be fixed, I would say this is a huge foult in dc programs. It seems when you have alot of drives and formatts c drive and or change the client and or drive letters change, or you have removable disk and it changes letter next time you start it so you have to set it again in share, moving settings from old to new and than set share again in settings, everyting gets dobuled in filelist. something like this. Program must use only what you can see in share in settings, removing everything else between <share> and </share> at every refresh filelist