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  1. Extra Slot To..

    No I mean a slot to the one who has the most downloaded file. first slot to the one with 99% done then 98% and so on. Don´t have to be an extra slot even, if user have 2 slots open then one would be given to the one who has waited the longest and the other to the one who has the most downloaded file. There is nothing more irrataiting then being stuck with 99% of a file when you are waiting for it, so I think this is a good solution.
  2. Feedback

    I agree on that, as I have the site open in my browser for long periot of times, hate this re-logging in after some time. Other than that it´s cool, just have to get used to this new layout. Have to test it more, dunno if it´s possible to make a poll on new threats. O and what bugs me is not to be able to edit my messege after some time, would like that fixed.
  3. This is a known bug reported before, plz copy/paste the exception info with a crash. It´s located in the ApexDC folder.
  4. I Would Like To See In Next Version

    This should be no problem, if the client can send it to the chat it sould be able to make a previw of what it´s going to send. Detection of playing | Preview | Send This one at http://www.avipreview.com/ You will find a way, sure of it hehe. ipconfig /all in cmd if you could take it from there.
  5. Both the line and the windows can´t take that, use the inbuild limiters in both Apex and uTorrent to manage your line. I you have for ex. 700/60 kb/s line then let ApexDC limiter to 350/30 and uTorrent too. Don´t use 300+ connections that will only leed to failure. Windows is build for 10 connections at a time or something like that and the router can also take so and so much of connections + the hard drive would not handle it.
  6. It´s also often coused by too much work on the line, are you useing torrent or something at the same time, if so witch client. Try to use the transfer limiter to limit to your line speed.
  7. some bug

    Code: c0000005 Version: 0.3.0 (2006-11-12) Major: 5 Minor: 1 Build: 2600 SP: 2 Type: 1 Time: 2006-12-03 02:40:51 TTH: HMG7SFF6MHOSHQMZI6IRCYSXTEFITXI4ET5276Y kernel32!0x7C80976F: InterlockedIncrement d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\downloadmanager.cpp(157): DownloadManager::on d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\timermanager.cpp(37): TimerManager::run d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\thread.h(134): Thread::starter f:\rtm\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(348): _callthreadstartex f:\rtm\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(326): _threadstartex My friend got this, he says it crashes often. Something to do with the filelist folder in dl queue
  8. connection problem

    I you are testing the ports on http://connect.majestyc.net/ the TCP port always fails, at least here in iceland. So just test if your search returns any results and if you can dl from passive.
  9. Request

    I would like to see a more advanced update, something like in zion where you can update all in one place. Check for Update program, Client list and GeoIP database and automaticly install when you update. I would like to see improofments in ADLsearch like search for file type. Would be good when your searching for porn to be able to select video file type.
  10. ApexDC++ OP

    Sadly the beta isn´t out yet and we have no status on the op client. You are right, we opps really need a new good op client, i´m using Stealth Zion Blue now witch is ok apart for listlen and few crashes hehe.
  11. ApexDC++ Translations

    Icelandic for ApexDC++ 0.3.0 Islenska_fyrir_ApexDC_0.3.0_by_RadoX.rar
  12. [Support][0.3.0] Slow to load

    I had this problem too, try disable "Install magnet URL handler at startup" and see if it´s better. It worked for me.
  13. I hate this problem more than anything. Do you not get this message? I know i´ve posted this before but this seems to be ignored by DC++ cos thay can´t find wuy this is happening. Older clients don´t have this problem. Alot of ppl are getting this error. Client needs to have better connection to the hub, is there no way anybody could fix this.
  14. Well if this is just a hub problem then wuy do older clients run better than the new? I´m running a verlihub on 24shells hosting so the line should be fine but maybe the problem is that it´s hosted in USA not in Iceland where I live. But this happens in icelandic hubs too. I have been trying to find some reason for this and all I can find is that the newer clients seems to be more fragile than the older ones, there are always some problems with noise or something not perfect in the line but the fact is that this did not happen so often with the older clients. I am on 8mb/832kb adsl2 line so the line speed is not the problem. I have seen this error when running antivirus scan and when my computer is running something heavy. But this does not happen all the time so I can´t find anything specific wrond other than it started to happen on the new clients. Somehow I doubt that this will ever be fixed P.S. This error came from DC++, this is not a specific ApexDC error.
  15. TCP p2p connection check FAILED

    The owner of the site has been notified af this and he says that he will fix this asap but he´s very busy so hopefully this week.
  16. Apex sounds

    For those who dont know, there are lot of sound files in C/Windows/media folder, just pick a sound from that folder that you like or you could dl the sound-pack I posted here before. If the program would come with all the addons it the file would be more than 10mb and thay don´t wan´t that. Maybe I will make a addon pack for DC
  17. TCP p2p connection check FAILED

    http://connect.majestyc.net does not work for anyone in iceland, maybe becouse we all have routers but dunno, this site must be fixed asap
  18. Apex sounds

    Here are some sounds you could use Download
  19. nominal bandwidth settings

    Well it depends, cable is not just a cable connection it can have diffrent speeds. The speed of your upload connection is what you are looking for, I hope you know what the speed is that you are paying for. If not, just use the old one and put in cable, it really doesen´t matter anyway. This is just for users to see what kind of connection you use and very often it´s wrong so no-one looks at it and it doese't change anything. Pritty useless so don´t think much about it. ^_^
  20. Where is the list of users in a hub?

    Check the checkbox at the right
  21. Toolbar customization

    Are you using version 0.3.0 or 0.2.2? There are more buttons in 0.3.0 than in 0.2.2 so you can´t use this toolbar image in 0.3.0 Maybe i´ll update it so it will work with 0.3.0 You can customize the toolbar any way you want. You have to click on the icon in right side (Active icons in toolbar) first, then move from left frame to right and than the new icon is placed after the icon you clicked. Hope you understand this. :blink:
  22. Download disconnects

    I´m haveing many complaints in my hub of download disconnects and the users don´t know wuy thay say that thay did not disconnect the other user, when I started to see what was wrong I noticed that user with ApexDC was always involved. So my first thougt was that there was something wrong with ApexDC. I hope not but I can´t find any other reason. Have someone else notice this and could confirm this?
  23. Link: 2 Toolbars For ApexDC

    hehe looks cool but most of them don´t make any sense at all
  24. Made a toolbars for ApexDC in 4 sizeses 48 - 32 - 26 and 24 Toolbar 1 here you go......... Download Can´t find the author of these icons at the moment, will edit this when I find out. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Toolbar 2 here you go......... Download Most of these icons are taken from Vista icons Pack 3 by Kudesnick (aka Stas Lebedev) http://kudesnick.blogspot.com/ the graphic for most of them are made by Vista graphics team and some by Kudesnick. Then edited by me so it will work with DC.
  25. Few things

    -Upload queue = Sort users in userslist alphabetacly and need root folder there so when I click user I can go back too see all. -Would be cool to see cpu+mem usege of the program in bottom bar. -Hotkey for open your own list. -Open download directory + Refresh filelist button in toolbar. -Notepad 2 like in McDC. -Ctrl + click on username to put in messege. -Alt + click on tab to close it -keyboard arrows to browse tabs -Drop down box with all language files in settings that are in a language folder under ApexDC dir. -Be able to drag and drop when sorting in fav -See in fav userlist in time last seen = Online - hub1, hub2..... I think i´m done for now :P