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  1. Fav button

    lol.. like how to get active ?? I know getting active is a little more complicated but still... some people are not as geeky as us and dont bother exploring everything.
  2. Fav button

    I'm not so sure about that :ermm:
  3. Fav button

    Of course true... but its not so obvious I think.. its something that needs to be discovered.
  4. Fav button

    A 'Add Fav' button on the bar under the main chat (some clients have clear chat in this position (useless button lol)). Everyone wants to hold on to users and having to click a button rather than text command would make things easier for the users who dont know the command exists or are too lazy to type it ! :)
  5. Wikipedia link

    oooo just spotted this one.. ! Great idea ,, im always using wiki to explain typically english things to my foreign friends :)
  6. user icon flags like old Xion++ had...

    lol theres not much in a client these days thats not been borrowed from somewhere Sorry mate didn't really get what you mean there no.
  7. MAX TCP Perhaps this patch for XP SP2 systems to increase the concurrent connections could be included into the client??? possibly quite a complex job though :D
  8. user icon flags like old Xion++ had...

    that's chosen manually though... ? from the 0.005, 0.01, etc dropdown... rather than detected ? I'm not trying to go off topic lol .. im just trying to establish the usefulness of that. If its chosen manually its likely to baffle a large proportion of uses who have the I have the internet but have no idea of what my connection speed is problem. It seems an advanced solution that will just make the userlist less reliable. Unless its automatic then its fine :D
  9. Two more commands

    more dedicated to Rock and Roll I think.... and if its only been released on Vinyl it won't be there.. anyhow Offtopic !!!! you obviously love it so others must do as well ... get it in there I think discogs is what all the dance heads use as every release has the catalogue number, that way we can organise shares better... (i'm Keine's mystery friend btw lol)
  10. Logging

    Ok fair enough, I know someone else has mentioned this is a good idea to me... Whats everyone else's thoughts ?
  11. Sort Tabs

    I've read that another dev has done it.... I guess i need to track that client down now.. I will have a google later :(
  12. user icon flags like old Xion++ had...

    So in the new way what icons are there in the user list? If they are all the same now.. whats the point in them being there at all :(
  13. user icon flags like old Xion++ had...

    Yup true. Untill get response is recieved you just get a blank square with a question mark. To be honest after many years on dc i've given up on the userlist icons, ive been staring at this screen too long and the icons seem so tiny in user lists now Maybe this is a good thing for an op client, it works in all ynhub's I op where I recieve myinfo, ptokax it does not, but i really dont mind the plain blank squares now with question marks in. Normal user lists are meant to tell you what connection a person has be it modem or DSL.... well honestly how many people really have modem these days., ?? there are lots of clients set falsely i believe. At least with country flags 90% of the time they really are from that country, and if they are scandinavian I know theres a very good chance I will be able to download from them fast.. Theres a use for you ! lol example A example B
  14. Logging

    It depends how much hard disk space you have I suppose. I am confused when I see this term essential feature, I thought we were just adding little things that make the client better.... :(
  15. user icon flags like old Xion++ had...

    Well I find i dont pay much attention to the normal userlist icons. I find them small and not that useful, why do i need to know someones on wireless I find seeing what kind of spread of countrys there is in a hub is nice. In the client i have you can click on and off a tick box for flags. So its optional... so why not :)