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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.4

    Great work Thx. Got just this little error after install.
  2. [1.2.2] Locking the toolbars

    There is a just alittle issue with the Toolbars. When the "Lock Toolbars" is checked, then the normal toolbar is locked but not the Mediaplayer toolbar. And when the "Lock Toolbars" is not checked, then the normal toolbar is not locked but the Mediaplayer toolbar is. Just wanted to let you know.
  3. [1.2.1] RTE in Visual C++

    Hi all I got this RTE error message, but ApexDC was still running and when I closed the RTE message box ApexDC closed. I was only in 2hubs and downloading only from 2 sources and 2 uploads run also. One of these uploads started all always again. Unfortunately I can not tell you anymore what has been uploaded how many times as the Upload log was not saved. Let me know what I can give of information! Is the exceptioninfo usefull for you? Let me know and I post it. Cheers baba.runner
  4. Runtime Error

    Hi all I do not exactly know what happend, but in the evening when I got to my PC I see this on the screen (please refer to the attached image) It happened already twice. Can you please advice What I have to do? Thank you in advance. Kind Regards baba.runner
  5. Announce Script Feature / Plugin

    I voted no on both, as I think that both do belong to the hub part and not to the client part of DC. A Hubowner does not necessarily want that "normal" user can post things on his hub without his acknowledgement. For the RSS-feed, there are other possibilities to have that information. It would be OK if the Feeds were only in relation to APEXDC++ and only visible for the user of the client. And those information are already available here.
  6. tth inconsistancy

    Yes, I have it disabled!
  7. Search doesn`t show any results

    try this site and learn.
  8. Search doesn`t show any results

    should be something with your Firewall and your ports! Have you tried to search in passive mode?
  9. Segment downloading annyoing

    There are two other settings you should turn off. In the settings -> Downloads -> Queue: uncheck "Automatically search for alternative TTH source every XX minutes" and also uncheck "Automatically match queue for auto search hits"
  10. tth inconsistancy

    just type /rebuild in the Mainchat
  11. tth inconsistancy

    Just one question. Does the rehash or the rebuild also consider the temp files, the *.dctmp files? As it are those files whoa re having this tth inconsistency. btw: I am not able to reproduce this with the new build .475. and when I change back to 1.1.0 again , I have directly the TTH inconsistency.
  12. tth inconsistancy

    TOAST I do not know how to explain but I can reproduce this behaviour. See the picture attached. I used the /rebuild after having the TTH inconsistency. and after a while , after some reconnection I have it again. I also need to say that I have 0B in my share!!!
  13. tth inconsistancy

    I did not say that I did not rehash my share, neither i did confirm that I did But the TTH inconsistency is what the client is showing us in the download area. This does not mean that the TTH code is buggy. Please try it out yourself. download a big file from an other user and when you started downloading it, make simply a reconnect in that Hub (make sure that the download is interrupted) and tell us if you get a TTH inconsitency notification when your client tries to continue the download. Thx in advance.
  14. tth inconsistancy

    But that is no solution you proposed. It is a workaround, yes. You can not force all user to rehash everytime the user from which you download, is making a reconnect.
  15. tth inconsistancy

    I can confirm this behavior with TTH inconsistency. When a download is going and the user from who you are downloading disconnect and reconnects afterwards, the file could not been completed as the error due to TTH inconsistency appears on that file. The only way to finish this file is to delete it and to start it again. The search for alternatives doesn't help neither. It will find other users but the TTH inconsistency is not resolved.
  16. Willkommen im ApexDC Forum!

    Hallo Fabio1962 Peerguardian ist in ApexDC++ Settings enthalten. Du must est da nur anhacken und die IP-Adressen die du sperren willst da einfügen. Sorry heist da nicht mehr Peerguardian sondern IPGuard Viel Spass mit ApexDC++
  17. ApexDC++ Windows User Guide

    But you get not all available commands with /help i.ex. the /stats is not mentioned there It would begreat to have them once all together.
  18. Problem when Reconnecting

    Hi all On the PtokaX Forum I got an explanation about this behaviour. It seems that it is a problem that is very rare, but can happen. And it is due to the fact that the way I configured my hub an in combination to the script and the Client , there are too many informations and the zip file that is created from the Ptokax to be send to the client is to big or corrupted. For more information please follow this link >>CLICK HERE<< KR baba.runner
  19. Problem when Reconnecting

    Hi all Does somebody know what this message means?
  20. Problem when Reconnecting

    Unfortunately not I also talked allready to Rincewind as I use only his Grimoire and he confirmed me that it is not from the Script. I tried also the reconnect in other hubs with PX with the same Script. There the problem does not appear. So I thought to post first here , as it does not happen with other Clients. I will test further. perhaps with a bit of chance I can find something more informativ to give you. KR baba.runner PS. I will also post now in PtokaX Forum. Perhaps PPK knows something about this behaviour.
  21. Problem when Reconnecting

    Thx all I really do not know from where the problem comes in other PX hubs it works fine so is it due to a relation of Hub Client and Scripts, I really do not know I just know that it does not happen when using another Client I tested it with a frien who has the same problem.
  22. Linux ApexDC++

    Hey Hey That are really good news. Finally someone take the challenge. Great work m8. Keep going on ;)
  23. No Smilies since Beta 4

    Hi all I also have this problem with the smileys. But the one that has this problem too, please check if in your Rightclicks on userlist for example , if you have the first line, cause I do not have it. The problem started when I began using the Beta5 downloaded from the Download section of the Apex site. Before I used the previous beta release we got as subscribers and always only updated them with the latest BIN files and not hte installer. Perhaps this helps to find the way to solve or recreate this issue. KR baba.runner
  24. Auto Updater

    Nice idea. Also a backup of old ApexDC++ will be good, in the case where the update fails. So the user can make a manual roll-back.
  25. Hilfe!

    Hallo OmaDuck Leider kann man da nichts machen im Client. Das ist nur im Hub script möglich. Ich habe deine PM bekommen, konnte dir aber leider bis jetzt noch nicht zurückschreiben. m.f.G. baba.runner