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  1. Double clicking downloads to 'Force attemp' or..

    I would so ban if I saw you hammering me like that. Do you have any idea how annoying that is?
  2. Need help please anyone

    HA! See! This is why I asked for a Force Re-Check Oh so long ago! Since essentially although completly different... Apex downloads in segments just like Bittorrent. Force Recheck is In my opinoin very much needed. Or even a need for DC to check the file once it is finished with the original TTH.
  3. vBulletin Revokes License for moral reasons...

    It's not that bad when it's not on my screen... It feels like I'm watching a video encoded in h.264 though while I'm typing... >.< It's festive so I'm all for it. Also, I apprecaite your response. I think I ran here to spread the news cause I felt like perhaps this forum runs on the same lines although not nearly as sinful. Imagine IPB pulling the plug on your license because they don't like what you make and distribute... I believe someone put it best when they said, Chevy doesn't repo your car when you drunk drive. That's up to the police and law enforcement.
  4. So basically vBulletin has decided they don't like loli, I don't either... but the fact is they're not breaking any laws. They paid for their license and because someone doesn't like what they decided to do with their board they revoked their license. It's not in their liscence agreement at all. That's pretty sad to me. I mean just think if this was a vBulletin site it could get shut down because they don't like what you guys are making. In fact vbulletin said the DC network is based on outdated protocals and Crise and Lee smell. Oh and merry christmas... This snow is killin my PC. Oh, btw being software developers yourselves what's your guys take on this? Obviously not everone is using Apex in a way you would approve of... so what do you think?
  5. TV shows series downloaded by name

    How about this... A right click option on the queue "Download In order" like you suggested... The queue would start from the top and work it's way down. Auto filling in the Priority. And if the queue then had an option like the Favorite hubs list does to "move up" and "move down". This would still require some sort of work by the user but it would accomplish what you want. I was thinking it would work something like this... Jack and Jill ep 1 Priority = Highest (1) Jack and Jill ep 2 Priority = Highest (2) Jack and Jill ep 3 Priority = Highest (3) Jack and Jill ep 4 Priority = High (1) Jack and Jill ep 5 Priority = High (2) Jack and Jill ep 6 Priority = High (3) Jack and Jill ep 7 Priority = Normal (1) and so fourth. But instead of downloading right away perhaps the program could have something neat like a hault. Where the files aren't paused but rather waiting for the ones on time to finish. Much like the files wait when you've got to many downloads going. :-\
  6. TV shows series downloaded by name

    The only problem I see with that is that once shows reach 100 eps DC sorts them wrong. Example DC sorts it like this Naruto - 10 Naruto - 100 Naruto - 101 And so fourth. The solution is quite simple though.. You just add a third zero Naruto - 010 Naruto - 011 Naruto - 012 and problem is solved.
  7. made wallpaper for me

    Nice and clean. =) glad you didn't decide to go overboard. =)
  8. [Bug][0.2.2] Starting error

    I'm willing to bet you could just buy a new pc better than that one for less than 100 bucks... hell I saw someone selling a p4 ht for $75.
  9. usually I don't go into big hubs as the more users the more strain the client puts on the memory... While not a big deal I still like to use as litle memory and cpu usage as possible.... I noticed today when I entered a huge 10000 user hub that not only was ApexDC the FASTEST client I've ever seen to load hub users lists but it also seemed to use the same amount of memory as it would for a regular hub. Idling me at about 15,000K instead of 30,000k I've seen with other clients.... I'm not sure if this is strngdc's doing or yours but Nice guys... nice. Oh, and can I edit your apex icon for my avatar here? I wouldn't want to be disrepsectful or anything... I just wanted to add a little color and maybe a glare or something. :-\
  10. Lol, I got kicked today...

    Lol, I saw you arguing... haha... Funny thing is he acussed me of emulating with apex when I switched clients.... then I pointed out that apex emulates DC++ .694 and not .674. Honestly though with all due respect to him, if I'm gonna be caught faking, it's not gonna be by someone of his calibur. As of yet, only one op there has caught me faking tags and that was crazy/alana, and that's because I challanged her to do it. Honestly though they have a good community there... Eh... it's their public hub so I don't see why they were being all nazi about it. If they want to put the min share up and stuff fine... but there was no need to ban MS clients there... funny how the user count went from 2K+ to like 900. I don't always like MS clients just because they make my up queue a pain in the ass to go through but in general I think they're the wave of the future. I just believe that in general there needs to be a way to better handle MS clients because it does take away from users trying to get slots for stuff with regular old DC. Of course it doesn't help to with all the jerks out there that choose to be complete leaches... As far as limiting goes... I find it bs to ban clients with limiting right off the bat... For one, limiting clients can Almost always be detected when they're limiting... and second, limiting isn't always bad. Responsible users that want clients of a different flavor than the ugly standard of DC and fuldc and such shouldn't be limited. But I guess that's just because most of the clients I've seen with cool customizations and ground-breaking stuff choose to go with MS as afterall... it is the wave of the future. Also, yes many of the ops there themselves use Apex, LS, XP, Akker, and even a beta tester here. Finally, to be perfectly honest... I'm a share whore. I'm one of the last people you should get mad at for using an MS client. I almost never download anything off of DC unless it's extremly rare anime. I get almost everything off of BT now because it's just easier to get stuff from people faster... There's really no waiting. I go to DC to spread stuff like new releases to that community (I'm almost always the first to share certain new releases). I honestly appreciate it when someone slot begs for something really hard to find and tells me they intend to share it. I've shared over a tb and downed only 200 gigs. Most of that was music and a few rare items.
  11. Lol, I got kicked today...

    So I never really get kicked from any hubs I share 200+ gigs of anime and music... anyways... I'm in a hub and the op who is a veteran op kicked me for using apex. What struck me as funny and slightly amusing was this... 4· Allowed clients are NMDC, DC++ (min .601), fulDC, DC GUI and DC GUI-qt with tag. Limiting (client or 3rd party app) is prohibited. (PWDC and StrgDC are allowed only in public with proper tags) So... The client apex is based off and the client that apex is replacing are allowed but not the apex itself... I dunno why this struck me as a bit funny... and I'm sure I'll get like one post in this topic.... and it'll probably just be a sympathy post... but yeah... I got a raise and a promotion today too... :stuart:
  12. ApexDC with GTSDll

    Oh I am so getting this. ^_^
  13. Request: Up Queue search

    I'd like to see apex add a search function for the upload queue. Often time before I delete a file I'd like to know if someone wanted it before I get rid of it. A simple search string would be perfect. Also, it would make it easier for me to grant slots for specific files as all I'd need to do is see who wants it then with out having to go through a big list. =)
  14. Import Features

    I believe that's why he wants an import tool...
  15. I want more chat features

    Yeah, once you tell it to log stuff you can open the log in notepad which has a "find" option....