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  1. StrongDC++ GUI rewrite

    oh well, we're all (bm, you, and me) in pretty much close timezones so... thats not a case anyway if you need to drop a line that you want write sth that isn't done, you have plenty of ways - forum, pm, mail, dcdev (thats mine btw), it's also not a case. if you'd be willing to help, you'd find a way... less marketing, more coding
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.0

    what took you so long to release x64 version? =D
  3. ApexDC++ x64 binaries

    if you merged with all my changes to port to x64 it should not be a problem - just a proper setup of the solution. another thing theres no really big difference between x64 and x86...
  4. Disable, Emulation by Default

    bm, but why hubsofts would restrict VE field? it's pointless, and afaik atm there's no such hubsoft. imo while merging to adc, we should say what's right and what's wrong in this mess - instead of banning for VE owners should ban ie. for low slotratio etc. if this won't happen, adc will be next broken nmdc with less bugs... about rsx++ and tag thigy, when using emulation it append user's description with short tag.
  5. Disable, Emulation by Default

    remove emulation at all in ADC - i did it this way we'll get rid of emulation on new protocol. also ADC doesn't have problem "Turn on your tag" which in most cases forces me to use emulation [;
  6. Media Players Plugin 1.10

    i believe src of the plugin is shipped with apex src.
  7. smartwin gui toolkit (from dc++ 0.750)

    afaik no, it's not going to be used.
  8. Compiling ApexDC++

    indeed, ways of cheating in dc++ knows only the oldest wizards - it's a forbidden knowledge..... EOT
  9. Compiling ApexDC++

    yes i don't like opne source... i don't like it so much that i've released rsx++. and about the cheat clients - is it bad that user know about them? so maybe ppl shouldn't know about weapon, it's also a bad thing? kinda sux because all open comminity rely on information
  10. Compiling ApexDC++

    like i woudlnt know... also, idea is not all, you have to know how it works and how to do it...
  11. Compiling ApexDC++

    slot locker, fake tag, fake share..... you can add many modifications ;D
  12. Compiling ApexDC++

    indeed it's weird you can build it using vs2005... wondering how rsx++ exist then xD
  13. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    hehe it's a nasty bug, but i found a quite nice solution for it every string that goes outide the core is in utf8 - no matter if this comes from adc or nmdc and when sending, nmdc decode it (adc leave it as is). imo best solution it's already implemented in latest build of rsx++ and works like a charm in lua ^^
  14. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    well, i'd say bad encoding in plugin -> client and client -> plugin way :)
  15. choosing emulation version?

    in rsx++ emulation can't be used in adc hubs. the only reason i leaved it for nmdc is "turn on your tag" problem :)
  16. LUA error attempt to call a table value

    only want to say that all clients with lua have bcdc++ implementation...
  17. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Beta

    do you have message about version in update dialog? i suppose not i have similar problem, it appear to be in dc++ too. SocketException throws WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL (10049) i'm behind a router (well, behind 2 routers - first gets wireless connection, second share it with pc and notebook), internal ip is and i bind to it, ports are forwarded. with ip connect it's ok, but when it comes to connect ie to website, it fails.
  18. Compiling ApexDC++

    for your own sake crise, add this lines to stdinc.cpp :blushing: #if _VC80X || _VC90X #error You can't compile ApexDC++ under Visual C++ Express Edition! #endif
  19. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    provides bcdc++ compatible scripting api
  20. Main differences with ApexDC++ and StrongDC++

    many small additions and facelifting :thumbsup: from down(up)loader point of view, sdc = apex =)
  21. New version of Apex (when) ?

    when it's done =)
  22. Big file in 122 Gb

    well, he's a free man and can do whatever he wants to... but app should be able to hash even this file... should it? ^^
  23. maybe in not full meaning, but it surely will be patched - because of this troubles in nmdc :]
  24. just a thing.... patching nmdc will only make adc life more complicated (in this scenarion, there's no reason to switch to adc, in case you're not developer/advanced user in dc world). instead focus on adc-extensions that would bring new ppl to this protocol ^^
  25. StrongDC++ v2.2 Released

    coder != perfect betatester