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  1. Indexing/Hashing Problem

    I apologize if this is a repeat question, for the record I searched the forums thoroughly before adding this topic. So I had a 120gb internal HD with my OS on it, obviously not enough space for OS+Apps+Media. I also have a 1TB external HD, so that is the HD i stored all my downloaded and shared files on. Everything was fine for a while, the indexing of the files on my external worked just fine. Randomly my main HD died, it was kind of expected as it was several years old and I leave my comp on overnight a lot. So I got a 1TB internal, reinstalled OS, reinstalled Apex 1.1.0, and went to hash/index all my files again on my external HD. Here is where the problem is. Files I hash on my main HD work just fine, when I try to hash files on my external it only reads for a few seconds. It will index one large file, or a few smalls ones and go for maybe 10 seconds or so and then just stops. I also notice the lights on my external indicate is has stopped being read. The client doesn't freeze, or come up with an error, the hashing process justs sits there saying the speed is 0 Kb/s. If I quite the apex process and restart it, it will hash a big for a small ones for another 10 or so seconds and stop again. It's like the external "hiccups" or just stops for a second, and then kicks back up again but apex doesn't continue reading it. It worked just fine before, and it also still works fine on my laptop (macbook pro running osx using ShakesPeer) Troubleshooting done so far: -Reinstalled Apex -Tried a different dc++ client -Played a looping movie from the HD while hashing to try and keep the drive spinning -Just left it going overnight to see if it would pick up after a few hours -Tried switching ports at which the drive was plugged in -Crying in my sleep (jk) Computer: -Vista Ultimate 64bit -WD 1TB Internal -WD 1TB External -other stuff doesn't really matter here Thank you ahead of time for any insight.