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  1. Odc Problem

    I have the latest Apex Dc ++ and i cannot download from odc says connecting and nothing.... And another question : it seems that apex dc is not compatible with the latest version of Verlihub..I give a kick and disconnects me without a reason...i dont really know,,it is the hub or the dc ? :)
  2. [Crash] Caused by /winamp

    I have the Winamp Toolbar and sometime when i press the winamp button(/winamp) it stops functioning....the entire apex dc....i have to terminate process and run it again to work
  3. [Crash] Caused by /winamp

    I have 2200 Mhz ...And it dosent give a exception stall ... exception nuthin :D
  4. bug...

    i have apex dc 2.0 i was playing and i got this message with a bug....this the exception data ...apex dc was in the status bar...near the clock ;) exceptioninfo.txt
  5. File Not Avalible

    If I connect to a user to get his list it says that file not avalible and if i start peerweb i can download his file list please help me )i have apex dc
  6. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    ;) The time when apexdc will be released in when will be published so The Release Date Is..........When Its gonna be released P.S. KserX has passed ....its 29 July