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  1. Apexdc++ ports

    but at firewall there is no port forwarding only "MAC Filtering.... Access Control...... URL Filtering" :| but there is something interesting at Access Control here is a picture
  2. Apexdc++ ports

    no it does not work :thumbsup: give me an example please how to do it....
  3. Apexdc++ ports

    and here it is how i did in the router
  4. Apexdc++ ports

    here it is how i did it
  5. Apexdc++ ports

    here is my router interface and the place were can you open ports :|
  6. Apexdc++ ports

    nope,there are not tha same :thumbsup:(
  7. Apexdc++ ports

    the only routers that i find were "Netcoretek" and mine is "Netcore" :|
  8. Apexdc++ ports

    i cant find my router there :thumbsup: any help please
  9. Apexdc++ ports

    I need help on opening dc++ ports on my router. But i cant get it done. I have a "netcore wireless AP-Router 605GR" i want to know how can i open ports on it cause i tryed and i cant get it fix so i can use dc++ Please help.. Thanks