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  1. tell us who you are

    I am the funniest thing wat happened to you on DC? Why don't I know that.. Nick(s): Gibbons Gender : Male Age: 16 (February 28th, 1990) (almost feb. the 29th ) Where: Northern Netherlands Zodiac sign: Pisces Hobbies : Music, snowboarding, skiing, windsurfing, bit of computer ****e On DC since: Since yesterday evening Worst thing that happened on DC: I can't download at all!! Best thing that happened on DC: Hmm.. this is one of those things that still has to happen once in my lifetime. Funniest thing that happened on DC: Well.. idem dito actually. PS: Please take a look here :)
  2. TCP Port error

    Since I'm having the same problem as the_X_files, I thought I'd post in here instead of making another thread about this. I know this thread is a bit old, but I'd thought it would be ok since I have the same problem. Hi all.. As stated above, I'm having the exact problem as the_X_files. I just updated my client to the newest version, set it up correctly and all (I think), I forwarded all my ports, and tried the majestic connection check, and that was OK. I still have this problem though, no other program is (in my knowledge) using these ports. Would anyone know a solution to this? Because, it seems to me as if I now can't get filelists from someone.. I therefore can't download either. Here's a picture of the error message, showing right after starting up ApexDC++: I'm getting quite annoyed by this message now.. I really have no clue why it pops up :)