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  1. The Ghost Writer

    Has anyone downloaded a verified version of the movie called "The Ghost Writer". There are a lot of fakes about and the only verified version is in french with no english subtitles. Regards AggyTheSlyFox
  2. Area 51

    What has happened to Area 51?? Regards AggyTheSlyFox
  3. 1.1 Beta Details

    Hi Lee, I renewed my subscription this morning. I guess I forgot to renew it last March. Looking forward to the Beta version. Regards AggyTheSlyFox
  4. 1.1 Beta Details

    Hi Lee, I am one of your subscribers. Could you e-mail me a copy of the Beta version. Many Thanks. AggyTheSlyFox
  5. Setup file wiping data when upgrading

    Hi Lee, I have always had problems when I upgrade to the new versions so I always copy my favorite and queue folders before downloading the new version and paste the saved files into the settings folder but one needs to do it one file at a time,exit apex dc++ and restart and paste the other folders. if you try to paste all the folders at the same time then the application is screwed up. At present in the beta 2 version when I search for alternates in the the queue file it freezes the application. Please advise Regards AggyTheSlyFox
  6. Setup file wiping data when upgrading

    Lee, I download the new version into the Apex DC++ folder in my C:Program Files Folder by pressing the "Run" button and every time I have done that the new version automatically wipes out the existing Queue anf Favorite Hub XML and Bak files. As I precaution I had created a sub folder for the previous Alpha version so I copied the existing Queue and Favorite Hub files from this folder into the new version settings folder. As I have stated in my previous e-mail using the latest version of Apex DC++, when I search for alternates from the Queue folder the application appears to freeze or hangs and I get the usual "Application not responding" message. I have checked the CPU usage and Apex DC++ program is not using a lot of the CPU memory, about 4 to 10 percent and the overall CPU usage is about 50%. Regards AggyTheSlyFox
  7. Setup file wiping data when upgrading

    Lee, Every time I upgraded to a new version of DC++ or Apex DC++ if I did not save my Queue, Favorates and Hash files prior to upgrading then they would automaticaly be replaced by the default Queue file and the existing Favorates and Hash files would automatically be deleted during the upgrading process. This has happened time after time. Regards AggyTheSlyFox.
  8. Search Spy

    It would be nice to have a filter in search spy on the same lines as the filter in the search folder so that a person can search for a particular item, ie movies, software, applications,etc. This would save scrolling through all the crap that comes with a search at present. Regards AggyTheSlyFox
  9. April Fools: ApexDC++ 1.0 and PeerWeb DC++ 1.0

    As I am a Brit currently assigned to Houston USA I try to follow the same life style as I would in UK. In UK in my local pub I drink Fuller ESB which was also used to be sold in my USA local pub in 2005. But unfortunately my USA local pub the Front Porch stopped selling it as they said that there was no call for it. So I drink the Belgian Beer Maresous which is 8% ABV. I refuse to drink the American beer such as Bud light,etc out of principle although there are some acceptable Ale type beers brewed in USA, usually micro breweries which are ok. I wish you guys add a spell check so I can correct the typos before I send the e-mail. Regards AggyTheSlyFox
  10. April Fools: ApexDC++ 1.0 and PeerWeb DC++ 1.0

    Lee, A good April Fools Joke. Keep up the good work. Since I migrated from DC++ to Apex DC++ I have not regretted it. I think it is far better and more stable than DC++.+ Forgive any typo errors asn I have had 5 pints of strong Belgian Beer. This only decent pint in Houston - USA. You need to drink a gallon of the American Crap to get the same buzz. Regards AggyThe Sly Fox
  11. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.2

    HiGreg, I am a newbie how do I do that Regards Aggy
  12. Support

    I have downloaded the latest version of apex DC++ and I have the following problem:- When I click the windows tab on the Apex DC ++ display, multiple blank windows start to appear even when I minimise the display. The result is that I am forced to close down Apex DC++ using the task manager and restart the application The blank windows seem to be self looping. Can anyone HELP?? Regards AggyTheSlyFox
  13. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.2

    I have downloaded the latest version of Apex DC++ and I have one problem. When I click on the windows tab the display changes to multiple blank windows which seem to be in a loop and I have to shutdown Apex DC++ using the task manager and closing the program. Can anyone HELP. Regards AggyTheSlyFox