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  1. Linux Project Development

    I'd really like to have a decent DC++ client on Linux... Porting ApexDC++ to Linux sounds like an ambitious task -- at least there is a working linuxdc++ now as a starting point... Actually, I might be able to help a bit -- but time is rare... My knowledge of DC++ internals is also very limited... GENERIC_READ and GENERIC_WRITE are equivalent to O_RDONLY, O_WRONLY, O_RDRW access modes. that FILE_SHARE_* junk is used to specify whether the file may be read/written/deleted by other handles. AFAIK sharing is enabled by default on Linux systems. MO_IRUSR|MO_IWUSR|MO_IRGRP|MO_IROTH <-- these are for specifying permissions when creating files (correct me if I'm wrong) hope this helps...
  2. Op-client ApexDC++

    What about that feature? I would like it -- then, you need not run 2 instances to have a different share on a different hub...