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  1. tell us who you are

    nickname(s) :rave/cookiemonster gender : male age: 20 [21st June 1986] country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but studying in the UK zodiac sign: cancer/gemini (i really dont know which one i fall on) hobby's : music, computers, jogging on DC since: november 2005/ helped run a hub (with lots of help) in my Uni since november 2005 until June 2006 worst thing that happend on DC: me changing course and starting 1st year at uni AGAIN! best thing that happened on DC: LOST, 24, prison break, greys anatomy, tones of music funniest thing what happened on DC: GIBBONS!!! p.s. please come out with a linux version quick devs!
  2. Show us your desktop

    we seem to be very simple and boring people :blushing:
  3. Show us your desktop

    you cant get any more simple than this. stripped down windows and a black background with minimal icons. trillian is running. and so is PeerWeb DC++ and YnHUB. ;)
  4. send file facility

    i think this would be a nice feature.
  5. this might sound completely insignificant, but i would like to know where PWDC++ keeps its uploads/downloads/ratio logs or settings. TIA
  6. 3 feature request

    this is more of a problem and an inconvinience. for some weird reason, i cant adjust the sound on my laptop when im in Peerweb (using Fn+ArrowUp or Fn+ArrowDown) i was wondering if this would be fixed with Apex The notepad is useful. But could there be a feature to save whatever you have just writen down. and lastly, Word Filtering. this would be useful for nicknames and such when your name is Johndoesmith and people call you john or doe or smith for short. so a filter that would be able just to highlight the words you want would be excellent thanks for the amazing work you guys do. :yes: