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  1. downloading optimalizations

    thanks , that's working one problem less :(
  2. downloading optimalizations

    even if I will do for my own responsibility ? if not how for about second feature ? if ApexDC isn't supporting the second feature can U promote other DC++ client for win supporting that feature ?
  3. downloading optimalizations

    1. so how to decrease time between searches ? , how to decrease time between autosearch for alternative download locations ? 2. there is able to create temp file in same directory when choosing option "download to" its making me a little angry when 6GB file is downloading a first to temp directory D:\ApexDC\temp and then it is moved "download to location" ( I mean moving files form temp located in one partition to other consumes time/sys resources/lot of HDD work/double free space <[on partition located temp dir and on partition where is located "download to location"dir]> so why to make it more simple and download file directly to "download to location" folder or creating temp file in that directory? ) like a Utorrent or Flashget are able to create tmp file(.ut/.jc!) in same location where file is downloading ?
  4. downloading optimalizations

    Hello I would like to request a features forum linuxdcpp like a searching for file witchout waiting , searching for alternative download locations immedialty after starting download file , shorter perioid of time between tth source searchs , and please don't tell me like "yes u can do that but u will probbably banned forom hub" its not truth on linuxdcpp i never was banned , for rapid searching files pacman401