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  1. But, a lot time its the same user!! The same thing happen when only 1 user have the files that I want! It just wont download in alphabetical order. For example, when I browse a user folder. Then click on the folder something/season 1 to start downloading it. Instead of downloading movie_part1, it download movie_part6. I didn't have such problem with "the original" DC++ software. (Sometime I find myself jumping on the gun very fast after clicking the folder to download, to choose part1 and right click for highest priority. Sometime it work, sometime its too late and I see it it downloading part6 of the user which had part1. The guy which had a beautiful 250+kbps slot for me . Even if it would work, after part1, it would download part6!! Obviously I tried other tricks like removing the user. Changing priority to highest for part 1, then matching files again. Its becoming a full time job!). Its incredibly cumbersome. I must not be the only one which such problem. I think I read about it here, but couldn't find the post, so I started a new one.
  2. One thing that is different from my past DC++ version and this ApexDC version is that multiple files on a folders don't download in order. So if theres files of this type on a folder: movie_part1.avi movie_part 2.avi movie movie_part 6.avi, the software would make a point of downloading part 6 or part 4. Its the same thing for autocomplete or just when you download a full folder. It easy how this can become really annoying. Even when you put the first 5 files in highest priority. While very cumbersome since you must do it for every folder download and "be there" all the time. It will make a point of downloading files_part5.avi. Thank you for the great work.