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  1. Problem Downloading Hublists

  2. Problem Downloading Hublists

    Hi, Can anyone help with this please? I have used DC++ for years (Apex for around 18 months) and never had any problems. However, just recently, I have been unable to download hublists. I'm not sure exactly when this started because lists were appearing but from the cache rather than a fresh download. I have added multiple hublists thinking that it was likely the few I normally used were just offline but I still cannot get any new hubs appearing. I have also tried with and without a webproxy and have created rules in the firewall (and then disabled the firewall completely). In each case I get the following :- "Download failed: The requested address is not valid in its context." I can manually connect to a hub and can search and download fine when in it. I've tried everything I can think of but cannot solve this. I have also wiped Apex and reinstalled but the only outcome of that was the cached hubs have now gone :-( Any suggestions welcome! Thanks.