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  1. We're porting to Linux: and paying!

    We can debate this about wxWidgets and Qt but in the end I don't think wxWigets has anything better to offer that Qt doesn't. Important software projects already use Qt for cross-platform one of them being Google Earth. And I don't think Google Earh is slow. Yes , Qt does indeed do its own drawing but there are various backends it can use to do that including one using OpenGL and improvements are always considered to make it faster. Anyway my experience is with Qt and that's what I want to learn. I've already used it in my project, found it to be appropriate for my needs and it's what I'd use for ApexDC. I also like the way Qt looks and the fact that its appearance can be easily changed.
  2. We're porting to Linux: and paying!

    I've already started a port of LinuxDC++ to Qt and I intend to make it cross-platform. Preliminary results can be seen here : I think Qt is a much better choice for cross-platform ,it's activerly manintained by Nokia, has very good performance on all platforms and it has more useful libraries which can eventually be used, not only GUI ( it has an XML parser for instance ). Also I intend to remake the build system using cmake. I'm going to continue development whether it's paid or not but of course some payment would be nice and also some help and support from the ApexDC development staff would also help. Let me know if you want to talk about this.
  3. Linux ApexDC++

    Hello netcelli. I wanted to do the exact same thing , make a qt version of ApexDC++ . You're using qt4 right ? Maybe I can help in the summer , I'm still quite a newb with c++ and don't know qt yet but I want to learn . Have you also managed to implement the extras such as multiple source downloading ? Thanks for the good work , things are getting better in Linux now.
  4. Development, program versions

    OK then who can I talk to about the Linux version development ? I'd like to help if I can . Any idea on what the GUI will be in ? QT , GTK+ ? Anyway having a Linux verison of a very good DC client is what Linux really needs .
  5. Development, program versions

    Did I hear someone say Linux version ? That would be so nice .I was thinking of porting StrongDC to Linux myself but I don't have that much programming on Linux and C++ programming experience yet . I do know some C++ though and I'm going to learn some QT/KDE programming . I think the big problem with Linux is the GUI . I think KDE/QT should be used as that works on anything including OS X and Windows . Anway glad to hear there's a Linux version planed and I hope I can help . By the way is there a thread for the Linux version ? I think there should be one ...