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  1. tth inconsistancy

    it seems to me like disconnect is the problem .. thats when tth inconsistency shows up after all md5 and ffp are in place .. great string :shifty:
  2. TTH is what ?

    im wondering what TTH is all about ? whats the idea behind TTH hashing anyways ?
  3. TTH is what ?

    how does TTH inconsistency start i mean im getting a show from someone isnt it already checked ?
  4. hi crise im wondering what TTH hashing is in a nutshell and when aTTH iconsistency reads in apex 1.1 what does that mean? ive heard a few diff thoughts thats why i ask the developers now
  5. im with Kjarni on that answer as ive tried diff setups with port forwarding diff apps need diff ports otherwise i think the first app opened takes the port and files ARE moved when each is complete its better to set up a dl folder AND a seperate share folder enable tcp and udp