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  1. Limit Users per Share

    Maybe even just "share upload slots equally across shares" option. Just something to prevent every uploadee getting files of the one share at the same time. I dont have SSDs yet hehe.
  2. Limit Users per Share

    I would like to limit the number of outgoing data streams(users) to a per shared directory basis. I have 4 very large shares (2 over 1tb in size, 1 is 2.4 tb), but because of that, users are often downloading from those shares only, and as a result, due to drive speeds, the data transfer drops to a small rate, and ends up stalling the entire server as users have used up all the limit downloading from the same directory, and the other users who want stuff out of other directories have to wait until the stall is clear, which takes ages. What i would like to be able to do is limit the users to a per share basis. Like say 3 per shared directory. That way you dont get stalls, and the shares that arent so popular still get a chance to fulfill requests without the user limit being hit by those wanting files from the more popular sections. It will also help limit drive wear on the shares that are more popular by trying to share data out to 10 users at once. Thanks.