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  1. passive-to-passive connection

    I don't need to test that, others do that already (emtee for example). p2p nat traversal is easy to code, but his support is bad (for example zyxel don't support it at all, in cisco/linksys is support in 86 % of devices... when you count all nats then support is around 60-70 %). It can be increased with using UDP hole punching instead of TCP hole punching, because UDP have much better support (more than 90%). Then it will be really "works almost in all cases" I'm sure that you know skype where is it used, and it is always not enough so they need to use active user in middle for pasive - pasive connection when nat travesal fail. If you want it that that way... then you should use original documentation and not reverse-engineered one for something that is correctly documented from his creator (Ade is his name if you don't know... and original documentation using word "can" is here) And in case when you really read it, maybe you should read documentation for ADCGET too... partial filelist is ADC only feature as it is multiple times mentioned in DC++ changelog Then i don't understand why you complains... then it must working in nmdc without need to have ip from hub :rolleyes:
  2. passive-to-passive connection

    In ADC you don't need any setting on hub software. Main problem is that both users who want to make passive - passive connection must be passive because they are behind NAT and this NAT must support p2p NAT Traversal... in many cases passive - passive connection is not working because this requirement is not met. Now are you joking are are you really not able to read ? UserIP and UserIP2 are protocol extensions. Extensions that are not created by NMDC developer. Extensions that are not reverse engineered because they are both documented from beginning and for both is documentation available. And "should" is not "must" ... And if you are really unhappy with not working UserIP2 (you don't use UserIP without that 2) you can always get IP in many other ways.. easy way is when client is "calling home" for update file, or for dht bootstrap file ;)
  3. passive-to-passive connection

    You are wrong (as always), please read existing documentation for UserIP/UserIP2 protocol extension... then you will find that hubs don't violate anything :P
  4. dcwebui

    Are you sure ? Because PtokaX not checking Key when client is using EXTENDEDPROTOCOL (sending $Supports to hub) :P
  5. Someone is trying to use your client!

    Why should hub block any port usage (protocol allow whole port range to be used) because some clients show annoying message to users ? Hub is responsible for ip checking in commands, that is important... not ports :rolleyes:
  6. Someone is trying to use your client!

    This message is shown when someone in active mode is using port 80 or port 2501. It is annoying message with false information, mostly because user don't set static port number and his client generated port 2501 on startup :rolleyes:
  7. Network/Connectivity Issues

    It was nothing personal from my side, toast give wrong info about ports and i'm corrected that. 1 ) i'm not unemployed. 2 ) trolling everywhere without creating anything and without any knowledge is what you do. 3 ) i'm developing dc++ based client from spring 2002 and BM used is as base for his client (original name of Strongdc++ was BigCZDC++, but of course you are dc newbie and don't know that), and my code is used by StrongDC++ and his mods. 4 ) it was not epic failure, it was funny to see StrongDC++ project removed from sourceforge for week when all what BM needed to do was to send one email to get it back without explaining anything :lol:
  8. Network/Connectivity Issues

    If your ISP is throttling dc communication you can't avoid that by different ports. Enabling TLS is only way how to avoid that, but of course if isp is not throttling TLS connections too. If you want play with ports then try something from range 1025 to 32761 (higher ports not working with all clients). TCP and UDP can have same port number, TLS must have another port than TCP. And don't listen to Toast, he don't know basics like that max port is 65535 :)
  9. Split from: We are now hiring

    Same apply for you. Someone who think that he is developer because he created few xml files have no right to tell them what they should do with their money. You want hubsoft then create one. You think that you are DEVELOPER so prove that :(
  10. Split from: We are now hiring

    I don't think that i'm said that StrongDC segmented downloading is stupid, because there was never any StrongDC segmented downloading. You like to saying that something that you don't created is yours. You stated first time when you was on dc dev public that you created segmented downloading and you like to saying that again and again. You don't created segmented downloading, you copy/pasted it from ReverseConnect and when DC++ gets segmented downloading then you replaced ReverseConnect one with that from DC++. I'm sure you don't replaced it only for fun, but because old one was really bad or stupid as you wrote that i'm said ? :stuart:
  11. Split from: We are now hiring

    If you want to play it with that way then your whole TypedTreeListView using common methods and nothing else :stuart: So you can't hold copyright for that, you want to apply it that way over my code then you should do that for your own code too It is too easy to check MagnetDialog in CZDC++ and ReverseConnect to see that they are very different. Your own changelog state more things that you copy/pasted but you ignored that. Your way with something that can't be copyrighted is wrong. For you is everything few lines, you are not able to check things properly. You think that everything (maybe PtokaX too? ) is developed by copy/paste, but you are wrong. And that is another evidence that you are totally wrong. CzDC don't use WTL, do you think that whole wtl (1.5 MB of code) can be replaced with few simple lines ? When i join PtokaX project it was coded with using borland components, borland AnsiString, core can't work without gui because gui was settings. Do you think that this was possible to replace that with few simple lines to be possible to run that without gui as windows service ? Or it is possible to replace all that used borland and winapi things with few simple lines to be possible to compile and run PtokaX on non-windows platforms ? Maybe you think that but then.. you must be really different Your DMCA Counter-Notification that you sent to sourceforge contains link to your site with CzDC source and OpenSSL allowing license and after that link is that other copies with same license "can be found via google". Or maybe you don't remember that too ? :w00t: Applying your own logic over your code as you doing it with my code -> Code with common methods that can't be copyrighted with you From FlowLib changelog It is not flows idea as you always saying If you don't noticed it is GNU GPL, not FSF GPL. GNU statement is absolutely clear and you can't discuss it. When you contact them they will point you to important sentence in their GNU GPL faq. That faq is available online and important part is http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#GPLIncompatibleLibs with important sentence "In either case, you should put this text in each file to which you are granting this permission." But i will give you two choices, both are bad for you but one make you happy because in that one statement is valid. First choice is that this exception statement is invalid and you can't use my code. Second choice is that this exception statement is valid -> it is license violation -> you have nothing allowing you to use that code at all :lol:
  12. Split from: We are now hiring

    Ok, but then you need to start with DC++ and request improvement. I seen hub sending $ConnectToMe PPK hub-address-to-attack.no-ip.com:411| and DC++ that address in command where must be only IP resolved and helped with attack Another DC++ thing is (i'm not sure if it was not fixed in some 0.7xx) that DC++ allow unlimited connections to same ip and port.. again that helping in attacks :stuart:
  13. Split from: We are now hiring

    You looked on yourself ? Because that is exactly what you do. You said that you don't copy/pasted country flags from CZDC++, i'm showed line from your own changelog where you wrote that you have that from CZDC++. You wrote that CZDC++ have tabs always on bottom, everyone can check that you are wrong. When you wanted to have openssl exception for CZDC+ you upload source with that exception to your own website. You totally ignore one line in license is not correct way to give that exception, because from that is not visible where it apply (remember that CzDC source contains code under other licenses than GNU GPL), you don't even noticed that CzDC can't allow openssl simply because use DC++ code that don't have that exception and adding OpenSSL exception to CzDC will result in GNU GPL violation. You reduce any feature that you copy/pasted from CZDC++ to one or two lines of code, it is easy to check that you are wrong in search for alternates reporting and more wrong in Pause/Resume search button. I understand your point and you are right. I'm trying to show that something is wrong with that. When Big Muscle wanted to show CzDC source with OpenSSL exception in license he don't simply point to any website where it is. He instead upload it to his own website. Linus Torvalds said "Only wimps use tape backup: real men just upload their important stuff on ftp, and let the rest of the world mirror it ".Big Muscle shown that CzDC is mirrored, so mirror with CzDC source with OpenSSL exception in license must exist. But when he used that source first time and said that google can find other sites where it is then i'm tried that and google failed and don't found any sites :stuart: As Big Muscle said PtokaX is easy to crash, so it should be easy to crash these hubs. But really if they use PtokaX for this in hard way (external bots ? why when there is many easier ways). Worse is that if they want to do that you can't do anything. If hub software don't have option to disable ip check then they hexedit it's binary to remove that (PtokaX have many hexedited versions ). And if they don't hexedit it then they will simply compile their own version from source (closed source is not option for multi-platform software).
  14. Split from: We are now hiring

    Only one website have CzDC source with that license, and it is your website. When you created that fake you was not able to do that correctly and copy correct CzDC files naming convention. You was not able to show any other website with that source. So yes it is problem when you copy something because you have nothing that is allowing you to use my code with OpenSSL. You know what web archive is ? If not you should use google. It is where is possible to see archived CzDC website from 28 february and few other times after. Not all of them contains CzDC binary and source files but when they do then they don't contains anything about OpenSSL in license :whistling: Btw you are funny how you always try to change things. When you failed with that is is not my code you tried that you don't copy/pasted my code, now you trying again version that only you have You can't win that, you can't change history, you can't change evidence and even you can try you are not smart enough :lol:
  15. Split from: We are now hiring

    I don't do that. Only created button don't do anything and that is not this case. You don't remember. Yes there was really used magnet link code from RevConnect, but after DC++ added magnet link support all RevConnect code was removed and DC++ magnet link code improved (added file size to magnet links and adding to queue). When you wrote that changelog line then you know that, why else you will wrote CZDC++ if it was RevConnect code ? You don't need to, you already prove how stupid you are. You are only who is saying that is not code created by me. You think when most of people here are dc newbies (compare to me or others who leave us ) that you can tell lies because most of them was not here and don't know how it really was. I know, it is only thing that is in my client from your. You are proud of that because you was able to create one things that deserved to be copy/pasted. Ok, i will make you happy and fix that :whistling:
  16. Split from: We are now hiring

    If you don't notice that is decoding table with 676 code elements. If i remember correctly country names and country codes in CZDC++ are under 250 elements. Do you think that someone is insane and create that from that decoding table when real ISO 3166-1 code lists is http://www.iso.org/iso/country_codes/iso_3166_code_lists/english_country_names_and_code_elements.htm ? Do you know that it is asy to check this that you are wrong ? Option to show tabs on top is in CZDC++ at least 5 years and you copy/pasted that. I don't know what you see or what you mean, is easy to say "you said something on some place" when nobody can check that. Original yes, but what you copy/pasted was far far away from original. You like to point that something is from code project. Yes emoticons use imagedataobject from codeproject and original author is in files (you removed him). But that is one of 3 parts that emoticons need. You need part in chatctrl and you need AGEmotionSetup (i'm sure that you don't have idea why AGE). You have crazy idea how things are created. You really think that you copy/paste something and it will be something else ? It is not, he found few lines related to tree handling. Few lines from hundreds lines that my version have.
  17. Split from: We are now hiring

    For some things yes, because Big Muscle provided evidendce :whistling: His changelogs in SVN show some (but not all) things copy/pasted from CZDC++. In his actual (SVN 499) cvs-changelog.txt you can find: This not give much info what exactly he copy/paste Little better it is in actual (SVN 499) changelog-en.txt Few things missing in english changelog but they are in (SVN 499) changelog.txt (czech language). This can be translated to (or translate them yourself):
  18. Split from: We are now hiring

    Yes it was me because it is only web where is CzDC source with that license, and it is your web. Yes original version for CZDC++ based on DC++ 0.181 was created by trpaslik. But many things changed from that version, do you remember that ugly paraformat dots before every chat line ? Or not working url coloring because richedit url coloring was used and that don't handle special urls. Or dependency on ExListViewCtrl. Memory leak in ip detection and many other things that changed. Completely ? Where? Big parts are same as they are in CZDC++ and contains original source comments from trpaslik in czech language :whistling: You proved that it contains modified parts, parts that are not original DC++ code and these parts are created by me and i am copyright owner. It is special enough to show that it is my code. ISO have country list sorted in alphabetical order by Country name. No i don't have copyright for few extensions, i have copyright over lines in that code because i'm created that. Simple lines that you are not able to created yourself, you copy/pasted them. And i'm created them. Of course they are, and before you added option to have tabs on left or right you used CZDC++ code to show tabs on top or bottom If you don't know what you copy/pasted, if you don't know what is in CzDC then is only very small chance that you know any exploits in CzDC or PtokaX. Because they are harder to found than few lines like those tabs related Really ? Maybe santa claus created them Ok, one czech line for you (because it sound better in czech than in english, if someone want know what it mean in english then use google translator). I'm sure that for you too Big Muscle :P
  19. Split from: We are now hiring

    Of course nothing.. nothing and it was enough for you to base your client on CZDC++ and not DC++ If i apply your logic over that code then it is only modified DC++ code and then "there is nothing with your copyright". You know that you don't have these copyrights here from beginning. Men, that package don't even match CzDC releases naming convention. How one can trust you when simple thing like that is different Yes it is, exception must be in every source file where it apply. Same as is license text is in them. More info http://www.gnu.org/l...ncompatibleLibs I don't understand how is possible that someone can be to big liar. It must be some miracle that StrongDC++ have exactly same colored chat with emoticon support as CZDC++. It must be accident that you have same recent hubs (as you trying to say that it is DC++ code but no DC++ version with recents hub exist). It must be accident that your waiting users frame is same as in CZDC++ (again you trying to say that it is DC++ code but DC++ don't have same waiting users). Another accident is that flag images and his code was same as in CZDC++ (and i'm sure that you can't explain why you have same images or where original ones are available), or how is possible that you have arrays with country names and country codes in same special order as CZDC++. And what about customizable double click actions in userlist, transfers or chat ? That is not from CZDC++ ? <<snipped> you have that in changelog that they are from CZDC++ ! :whistling: And tabs.. why they look like in CZDC++ with painting bug and incorrect tab menu tracking when they are not on bottom! And how is possible that strong have same file extensions types for search as CZDC++ ? Again as with flags is here same order that prove where you copy/pasted that! Another miracle is that you have same kick line dialog with last 20 recent messages, exactly at it is in CZDC++. And why strong is saving transfer list splitter position as CZDC++ ? You get that when you based StrongDC++ on CZDC++! Another CZDC++ is reporting search for alternates in status bar or customizable error color in queue. And i can continue with more and more things that you have from CZDC++ and it is original CZDC++ code.
  20. Split from: We are now hiring

    I don't need to, you already show enough They should be in code, but they are not. Not my fault. You don't copied only that, you copied whole flags code and you know that. Only place where is source of that CzDC version with license you pointing to is http://home.karneval.cz/01027053/tmp/CzDC.7z and that is your own web space (as you show when you linked winmerge screenshots on same web space). If you can spread CzDC source with wrong license who knows, maybe you same with binaries? But i'm not in any way responsible that some sites have binary of my app with incorrect license. And sadly for you that license is not valid, because that exception is not given correctly under terms of GNU GPL version 2 Maybe you should look better, that license was last changed when wtl exception was added. And from that time date don't changed. Of course i know. ADC with zlib can be used to crash dc++ and his mods. Look for something similar to bzip2 filelist memory bomb From description of that exploit it is something that i'm fixed 2 maybe 3 years ago in CzDC I don't think that any of them exist. And if it exist then it is must be very hard to use, else i'm sure that someone of my users will report it or someone use it against me (as you do that few years ago when you found one exploit). And here it is starting to be interesting. One of 3 biggest DC hub is running on PtokaX, if is easy to crash PtokaX it is must be nice target to play with that. But guess what.. nothing. You too, you have always many bugs because you based your client on CZDC++ and copy/pasted many things created after. Or maybe you finally can fix 64bit version, disable warnings and typecast 64bit values to 32bit for use them with deprecated winapi functions is really bad developing way. But we both know that you are not able to fix them because you don't have enough knowledge for that :whistling:
  21. Split from: We are now hiring

    You know what code it is, it is visible on your screenshots from winmerge. In case that you don't what these colors means, anything that don't have white background is code that is not same in both sides. If one is DC++ code then other must be code created by someone else.. guess who it was ? And about that joke with removing copyright notices, reverse connect contains original code where is no Big Muscle and no Liny copyright line :whistling: You added them after you sent that as patch for DC++ (and probably give copyright over that code to Jacek Sieka) .So how is possible to remove something that was not here ? Ah and btw where is Country EUROPEAN UNION in ISO 3166-1 ? My code for flag images contains this in that what you call "country list is just copy of ISO 3166-1" :lol:
  22. Split from: We are now hiring

    It was nice from you, finally i'm not in any way related to DCDev (do you know that they are called by DiCkles Deviants ? :whistling:). From web ? Air ? You have very bad informations. And it was no bull****, they can't use my code with openssl. That is fact and btw it happen once that sdc was removed from sourceforge and it will happen again And that article on adcportal only prove how stupid you are, because you are not able to search for facts and check that Big Muscle is liar. Why i should give apology to someone who is using my code against license ? I'm not forced anyone to use my buggy (as big muscle call it) code, it was their choice and if they want to use it they should use it only as license allows.
  23. Split from: We are now hiring

    He don't, you get wrong information. He is one of best lua coders around, and in case when he get problem with adch++ he will solve it. It will be easy for him to protect his script to not run (or better adch++ will not run when someone try to run them) on that hubsoft parody. Yes you are not coding, only what you can do is post on forums and chat in adcdev hub with ZERO contribution to the community. You are real troll, and you should burn in toaster as Mutor said You know what funny part is.. that ****ty mod have many of these fixes fixed for years. And many other fixes for bugs that DC++ always have and is exploitable with them :whistling:
  24. In DC++, where you think they took that. 275 files in DC++ 0.762 contains that. All sources where is that are GNU GPL version 3 compatible. Then read it again, and again and again. Maybe if you read it few times you can notice that it contains "version 2" (yes it is contains license version!) and "or (at your option) any later version" (version 3 is later version than 2) DC++ code GNU GPL version 3 compatibility was discussed in dc dev private hub. So you can ask your (a)dc friends about that if you always think that DC++ code is not GNU GPL version 3 compatible
  25. White Bands On Mouse Selection

    Nice, Big Muscle don't have idea what he coded and what his code doing :w00t: Selecting items when user point on them is part of windows explorer theme. This theme is forced in apex on windows xp and higher with this code: if((WinUtil::getOsMajor() >= 5 && WinUtil::getOsMinor() >= 1) //WinXP & WinSvr2003 || (WinUtil::getOsMajor() >= 6)) //Vista & Win7 SetWindowTheme(ctrlTree.m_hWnd, L"explorer", NULL); Documentation for SetWindowTheme in msdn http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb759827(VS.85).aspx Important part: