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  1. White Bands On Mouse Selection

    That problem don't have anything to do with aero. ApexDC is forcing explorer theme for treeviews and listviews on xp (yes system without aero, because it is really not aero related!) and higher. Fix is to remove SetWindowTheme for treeviews and listviews. This theming is available from XP -> 9 years and only few apps using that :P
  2. Passive-to-Passive

    That is possible.. but then it will be another skype, using active users for passive->passive data transfers (and i'm sure that is something that nobody want to do).
  3. DHT bootstrap error

    Here is bootstrap.php <?php // check authorization if(strncmp($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], "StrongDC++ ", 11) != 0) { header("HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden"); die("Sorry, but you are not authorized to view this webpage."); } // check arguments if(strlen($cid = $_GET['cid']) != 39) { $error = "HTTP/1.1 400 Invalid CID."; header($error); die($error); } // temporary to kill old clients if($_GET['u4'] < 6241) { header("HTTP/1.1 405 Invalid UDP port (old client?). Bootstrap not allowed."); die(); } // connect to database require('config.php'); $db_link = mysql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass); if(!$db_link) { $error = "HTTP/1.1 500 Could not connect to database: " . mysql_error(); header($error); die($error); } if(!mysql_select_db($db_name, $db_link)) { $error = "HTTP/1.1 500 Could not select node database: " . mysql_error(); header($error); die($error); } // delete all entries with node's IP $sql_delete = "DELETE FROM nodes WHERE i4=\"" . $_SERVER['HTTP_X_REMOTE_ADDR'] . "\""; mysql_query($sql_delete, $db_link); $sql_query = "SELECT cid, i4, u4, timestamp FROM nodes WHERE cid NOT LIKE '$cid' ORDER BY timestamp DESC LIMIT 50"; $select_result = mysql_query($sql_query, $db_link); if(!$select_result) { $error = "HTTP/1.1 500 Could not query to select data from the nodes table: " . mysql_error(); header($error); die($error); } // return data in database in XML format $output = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\" standalone=\"yes\"?>\n"; $output .= "<Nodes>\n"; while($query_result_array = mysql_fetch_row($select_result)) { $output .= " <Node CID=\"" . $query_result_array[0] . "\" I4=\"" . $query_result_array[1] . "\" U4=\"" . $query_result_array[2] . "\"/>\n"; } $output .= "</Nodes>\n"; ob_start(); echo gzcompress($output, 9); header('Content-Length: ' . ob_get_length()); ob_flush(); // only active nodes will be saved to database if(is_numeric($udp_port = $_GET['u4'])) { // save connected client to database $sql_insert = "INSERT INTO nodes(cid, i4, u4) VALUES(\"$cid\", \"" . $_SERVER['HTTP_X_REMOTE_ADDR'] . "\", $udp_port) "; $sql_insert .= "ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE i4 = \"" . $_SERVER['HTTP_X_REMOTE_ADDR'] . "\", u4 = $udp_port"; $insert_result = mysql_query($sql_insert, $db_link); if(!$insert_result) { $error = "HTTP/1.1 500 Could not query to insert node info: " . mysql_error(); header($error); die($error); } // keep only 50 latest entries if(mysql_num_rows($select_result) + 1 > 50) { $sql_delete = "DELETE FROM nodes ORDER BY timestamp LIMIT 1"; $delete_result = mysql_query($sql_delete, $db_link); if(!$delete_result) { $error = "HTTP/1.1 500 Could not query to delete oldest node: " . mysql_error(); header($error); die($error); } } } ?>
  4. Crylic text is shown as "

    Yes using only ADC hubs will help and russian characters will show correctly without changing system settings. But only on ADC hubs, that means to have choice from 3 running russian ADC hubs with total ~1300 users :shifty: Thx, i wish merry x-mas to adcdevs (i'm sure that you forget that a on beginning) too :)
  5. Crylic text is shown as "

    Russian chars are shown correctly when system have locale set to Russian. You can set that on windows 7 in control panel -> regional and language -> administrative -> change system locale... Of course that change have effect on all non-unicode programs. In your case if you are using some non-unicode german apps then is possible that you don't see correctly special german characters.
  6. An ADC Hubsoft Review

    You are wrong, i hate toast because it is stupid and always must comment something that he know nothing about. And when toast like it then i hate it :)
  7. Connecting to DCDev Public

    UTF-8 is possible in nmdc too and is already used in nmdc with some clients (Valkut, LinuxDC++ etc.) :stuart: You should known that IPv6 support is missing in most ADC clients now. ADC devs working on something.. and nmdc have it already available (thx BigMuscle ) :D
  8. Thing that ApexDC++ developers should know, to be able to fix it. ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 5, 1.0.1 and 1.1.0 violates license of DC++ 0.701 and higher because use his code and is compiled with WTL (licensed under license incompatible with GNU GPL). DC++ to 0.701 changed license and removed part allowing that. Same versions violate licenses of DC++ mods (i'm found code from CZDC++ [ex. chat control, waiting users frame, recent hubs, country flags...], oDC [ex. omenu...], PhantomDC [ex. avipreview, previewdlg, toolbarpage...], PossumMod [ex. FolderTree...], ReverseConnect [ex. sorting in TypedTreeListViewCtrl...]) because ApexDC++ is compiled with OpenSSL (licensed under license incompatible with GNU GPL) and none of these mods have that allowed in license.
  9. And do you read it ? Here is no problem when OpenSSL is part of operating system. On windows is not, and then as is in that what big muscle pasted apply this part: You can do that for your own code, but not for GNU GPL code that you copyed. Then you can try this:
  10. Of course you can distribute files from different place than sourceforge, but when project will be removed from sourceforge then users know that is something wrong with that project Don't get me wrong, i don't have anything against apexdc++. Apex devs are not alone who received similar message today. Btw removing WTL and rewritte code that you have from other mods is not hard ;)
  11. Sad, Crise you don't care. But i care, and sourceforge too. They wanted that i "direct this inquiry to the administrator of the project", and if problem will not be fixed then back to them so they will remove all problematic files.