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  1. Help with user tags

    well I've written a script for ptokax that parses the incoming MyINFO tag when users connect that seems to work so I guess it must be a bug in Ptokax not ApexDC
  2. Help with user tags

    Yes I'm the hub owner and I'm trying to figure out why I have this problem as I have no problem with StrongDC2 I'm just not sure what the difference is in the tags between ApexDC and StrongDC2 and why one will work and the other won't as they both appear to have the same tag format. (for the moment I've turned the rule off in the hub software)
  3. Help with user tags

    I have a small hub where I live and people who use apexDC can't connect to my Ptokax hub unless they are emulating DC++ because I've set the rule to reject users without a DC tag not I know there is a tag there as it shows up in the user list in my client but why would Ptokax not be picking it up. Sorry if this has been answered already but I did search and didn't seem t find anything.
  4. Linux version?

    ahh cheers I might have a look at that later but I'd still prefer a native linux client cause using wine kind of defeats the purpose of using linux in the firt place
  5. Linux version?

    yeh Whats the status of the linux version since having to run linux completly for a few weeks now that lack of anything in Linuxdcpp is starting to bug me. Also I have a few friends who run linux and they're most interested also.
  6. WTF are my <tags>?

    can we expect to see tags for ApexDC++ soon such as client name and versions