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  1. TLS explained

    Well, I found some more informations and could answer now some of my questions by myself. Apparently there are two ways of encrypted transfers - trusted and untrusted. And it seems that only for trusted encrypted transfers it is necessary to exchange the client (or Hub) certificates. And an encrypted transfer could be identified by the prefix in the transfer bar: A at the beginning of the progress bar means it is a trusted encrypted transfer. A at the beginning of the progress bar means it is an untrusted encrypted transfer. OK, now just one question is left: How to place the other users (or hubs) certificate into my own trusted certificate folder without overwriting my own certificates? Renaming it? - If yes, to which name? And how Apex is able then to assign that certificate to the right client or hub? Thx in advance.
  2. TLS explained

    well, first of all, thx for the instructions. with ApexDC 1.1.0 it's possible to create the certificates. with some other clients not - maybe they still have bugs in the TLS section. but now I have some more questions: 1. is it really true, that, if two clients have generated these certificates in the right folder, an TLS encrypted connection is used automatically between them without exchanging the users client certificate (client.crt) ? Does ApexDC send this 'public key' automatically to the other client? 2. is it really true, that, only if unticking the "allow TLS connections to ..." checkboxes, I need to put the other users certificate into my trusted certificate folder ? 3. how to do that exactly? the other users certificate will have the same filename like my own certificate in the same folder. I guess, I should not overwrite my own certificate with that other users one. 4. if really everything is right and the connection is TLS encrypted, how can I see that? what is the proof for an encrypted connection? hopefully there is somebody out there, who has experiences already with that.