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  1. Files welke ik download met 1.4.3. en de vorige versie, worden niet als MP3 opgeslagen. Ik heb gisteren een schone win7 64bit installatie gedaan, met uitzondering van Apex. (die staat op D:\Apex) In de vorige Apex versie werden opeens mp3's niet meer als mp3 opgeslagen, maar als .bestand. Bij het dubbel klikken vraagt win welk programma ze moet gebruiken om deze te openen. Als ik het met F2 het mp3'tje verander en er dus mp3 achter type, is alles goed en wordt dan gewoon herkend. Dus op een of andere manier wordt er niet mp3 bij een file weggeschreven.
  2. MP3 files losing their extension

    We will try...it and get back with the results.
  3. MP3 files losing their extension

    No they are finished. [edit] reinstall? [/edit]
  4. MP3 files losing their extension

    Files (mp3's) that i download are not saved/stored as MP3. They are saved as "file". If I double click on a downloaded file, Windows is not familiar with this file. It's known as "file" So I have to manually (F2) to type mp3 behind the file.
  5. Released: Welcome to ApexDC 1.4

    Hello, Is there still an version without installer available? Thanks, Cent
  6. Adware OpenCandy

    What's this? Alert level Adware:Win32/OpenCandy Encyclopedia entry Published: Feb 12, 2011 Aliases Not available Alert Level Low Antimalware protection details Microsoft recommends that you download the latest definitions to get protected. Detection initially created: Definition: 1.97.1582.0 Released: Feb 12, 2011 Summary This potentially unwanted software is detected by the Microsoft antispyware engine. Technical details are not currently available. Top
  7. HashData relocation.

    I found it, there is another map in Apps called Roaming. There is also a map ApexDC. In this map are all settings and stuff.
  8. HashData relocation.

    It should be there, however all the files are from the old backup. 01/18/2011 12:32. btw the installation is an standard one. No different path....this is soooooo weird....
  9. HashData relocation.

    Dont want to make a new topic. I reinstalled my PC win7+sp1. Did make a backup of Hashdata etc. After the new installation of Apex I can't find the files anymore. I see the installation, i have hashed some files, but there is no hash list. Where is it ^^
  10. Translators needed

    And should I replace the English words, or write behind the lines? Please some more explanation...maybe a screen shot / or example.
  11. Translators needed

    I signed up to translate to Dutch. Anyone already began to translate? I begin this weekend. I need to know how to edit and save the translation. I think it is done in one day. This weekend it will be ready. Please someone help before I can start.
  12. Translators needed

    I stopped translation.
  13. Apex themes

    Reggae theme: Reggae Theme Click right button, and save as.
  14. Can anyone help me with this?

    Did you check the Passive and Active mode?
  15. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.0

    Thanks for the reply !
  16. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.0

    I have Apex installed on my D:\ disc. This because my D:\ is only filled with MP3/Video. (and after format there is not hashing needed.....for 1,2TB that's a lot I do not remember if I used the EXE or just the Binary. What I do know is that after a clean Win7 installation I always immediately can launch Apex on d:\Apex. (no installation) So what file do I need to download, and does it run in 64bit mode. Thanks all. [edit] What is the best way to do? EXE or Bin.?
  17. Filelist export

    Hello, Is it possible to export my file list as an text file. So people can see all my files (without the MP3's). Thanks. Cent
  18. Filelist export

    So anyone know how to export a list, which you can browse in an Explorer ???
  19. [1.2.0]Crash message

    Just for information. Did not remember what I did. It is the latest version. Code: e06d7363 (Unknown) Version: 1.2.0B (Dec 24 2008) Major: 6 Minor: 0 Build: 6001 SP: 1 Type: 1 Time: 2008-12-26 14:08:45 TTH: 5ADII24KFW4E623DOYD5TW5SZBOKT6GG57KW2NY kernel32!0x76B642EB: ?
  20. ip guard

    Does anyone know how ip guard works? Seems to me that it wont work :)
  21. ip guard

    How does it work than?
  22. ip guard

    That people still can download......so there is no guard ..... p.s. I did turned it on and filled the ip address in.....
  23. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Beta

    Tried it already some day's and no problems found yet.
  24. Freeze

    Hi, I had lots of freezes last 2 days. I had also lots of dl running. Maybe 8 at he same time. And some remote files not found. And some TTH problems. Maybe these things together results is freeze. And by freeze I mean the program is not responding for minutes (10-15 min). Than it reacts for 3 seconds and freezes again. I had to ditch the whole dl queue.
  25. Filelist export

    Can't see files.xml.bz2 in your settings folder Weird but it is not there I got HashIndex and Hashdata.