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  1. Hello to everyone, this is my first post. So, here's the thing... I am a member of a WiFi network which has over 300 users, plus users from other WiFi networks. We use our network(s) primarily for file sharing (DC protocol), gaming, forum discussions, etc... Each network has it's own hub, mine however, has two of them, main and backup. Recently, our admins switched from "VerliHUB" to "DB Hub" software and along with it (DB Hub), some new features were introduced, one of them beeing "adding-releases system" By typing <!addrls 'category 1st letter' 'file'> you are able to add some new releases (new TV episode, Movie, etc...) to the HUB chat so it becomes a STICKY of some sort, which is then visible to everyone who connects to the HUB. It is very practical and popular and we (HUB users) use it a lot. However, I believe it can be even more practical, if we could automate the process of adding releses. Let me explain... I have a decent FLAT rate internet connection, unlike many other WiFi network users who either don't have internet access, or have a slow connection. I'm willing to use my internet connection to download new episodes, for myself and others, since I like to share stuff, a lot. <my daily UPLoad traffic via ApexDC ranges from 40 up to 60 GB> I, for example, use uTorrent to download (many) TV Shows automatically, via it's RSS support. After downloading, shows are automatically sorted out to corresponding folder, by using "theRenamer" And when I have time, I add all new releases (episodes) to the HUB Chat via "!addrls" command. So, this would be my goal: When ApexDC hashes/finds new file (certain type: *.avi or *.mkv) from/in certain (sub)folder (e.g. TV Shows), I would like it to send a message into HUB Chat which goes something like: << !addrls "category (based on SubFolder: TV Show, Movies, etc...)" "New found file">> (without brackets) or, shorter: !addrls TV Show: Heroes - 04x11 - Thanksgiving.720.mkv Another thing also comes to mind... While sending a message to HUB Chat, instead of the File Name, ApexDC could send file's Magnet Link, so it would look something like: !addrls TV SHOW: Magnet Link I hope I was clear enough with my feature Request. I'd appreciate if you (developer, admins, anyone...) could tell me if this would be possible, or if it could ever be implemented. If YES, then how, when, etc...? If NO, then why not. And please, explain in detail. Best regards, sKetch :)
  2. The good thing about this new release option is that it isn't SPAMming. When user connects to a HUB, he/she is neatly presented with a list of 10 newly added releases, under the HUB description and rules. If a user is interested to see more new releases, he/she can type "!getrls <category>" in chat so only he/she is presented with new releases while not polluting the chat for other users. This option would be great for those of us who download most of the content for other users. Any more ideas? :)