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  1. Welcome to ApexDC++

    Why would you need to re-code every feature when that one comes out?! :S That seems even more pointless to me. If you do an function it will (might do some minor fixes) work on the new version.
  2. Next Generation Video iPod?

    Why do people love iPod so much? When they release things many years after it really is an revolution.. *me wonders* I have an iPod killer :)
  3. Users Local Time

    User submitted would be stupid tho :S . Since then almost non user would send it. Only ApexDC++ users. You only need to compare Countries with it's time tho. Like if(country == "Norway") { getlocaltime() + 1; } or something like that, not an good example tho.
  4. Users Local Time

    Why? You can't know that, well you could get it from an homepage or program it in it the program and compare to the GeoIP thingy. But I don't understand why it would be nesseccary.
  5. Unicode support

    Currently there isen't that many hubsoft that supports ADC. and I think StrongDC++ is very lacking on this. anyways. I donno where you can an windows one. You can get Linux one here tho -> oh. this is Windows one -> Anyways you need to compile it yourself. And a few more. don't remember.
  6. Unicode support

    This is an limitiation of the NMDC protocol. Only way to get it working is to convert every UTF-8 chars into html standards and send them. a hell of alot of work. anyways. If you want this, you can use an ADC hub instead. supports UTF-8.
  7. Different shares for different hubs

    The problem is; How can you make it foolproof? So you can't use it wrongly.
  8. Different shares for different hubs

    CID is good for that, yes. But this client does it without CID (Since not everyone supports it). So it doesen't give wrong list to the onces with old versions. I think anyways. I don't think multisharing is good myself.
  9. Different shares for different hubs

    No public DC mod has this. Private there is tho. Compares with nick + hub. so should be pretty reliable, but not always.
  10. Okey. I just saw that page. I have no idea about it at all B)
  11. Delphi isen't that far away from C++ tho. haha.
  12. wtf? Ofcourse DCPRO source is available. Even at CVS.
  13. Skins

    Isen't it better just making it totally customable (like McDC++) and add themepacks instead. (Less code anyways)
  14. Linux version?

    There is already LinuxDC++. And if anyone want this, please check wxwidgets (For developers).
  15. System Requirements

    More like Windows 200 or higher. Since it will crash on Windows 98.
  16. 2 nice features from Zion

    When your ISP keeps port f***** you? ;)
  17. Just to be sure

    If you do it right, that's not an problem.
  18. 3 feature request

    Hehe. Thanks. I'm of to Egypt now Well in four hours that is :P
  19. 3 feature request

    You might wanna check the McDC++ svn. I've done some changed to Notepad to make it save every x minutes (if anything is changed). Anyways. I'm of for 2 weeks now ;)