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  1. System Requirements

    unicode != utf8.
  2. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    Never heard of unix timestamps? :)
  3. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    My guess is 1175025394 ^^
  4. 1,000 Members

    I can't see why you are happy with that number considering almost 800 of them haven't even posted.
  5. Leave A Message for Offline Users

    Damn you guys do alot of useless posts >.<
  6. Leave A Message for Offline Users

    Ofcourse you could add an check if user is online every 10 minutes or so to send the message you have in queue, but, then you have to be online for it to send it, else you would need hubside support.
  7. The ability to clear screens.

    However this won't be alot, since it already in the client, just checking for that won't take alot of memory.
  8. Total download time in About menu

    Add .chm file? f1 is added in DC++ so. and F1 is standard for help, easier then that you can't really ask for? Btw, anything is possible )
  9. download pause

    There should be no problem adding an priority system in Transferview, actually good idea, probably gonna do it myself, some day when I get the time. Anyways, using an other once code is never an good thing, if you don't personalize it :)
  10. Need a new beta tester?

    'can't use code because it's outdated'. Funny.
  11. Why do you prefer Direct Connect?

    Slowness of DC++? Then you are NOT in the right hub, They actually would come faster on DC then most releases on Torrent etc. I would estimate an 2 hour delay after release. +/-
  12. some feature requests

    Only that can crash the client :mellow:
  13. Auto File List Getting

    Probably timer to stop CTM spamming to the hub, if you select many users/many users within some time etc. I don't see the use for it tho, is it that hard to double click.?
  14. Next Generation Video iPod?

    What did you say..? They are way behind in technology. I don't care about UI and control system. I care about quality of the player. And the iPod design isen't really that good either. Why would you buy an overpriced player you could get for half the price.?
  15. Welcome to ApexDC++

    Well it does, if you don't need to compile it (I don't need to compile it). Works great. No problems with it. I might change soon tho.
  16. Welcome to ApexDC++

    I'm not confused.
  17. Different shares for different hubs

    That woulden't work good at all.
  18. Different shares for different hubs

    I'm only looking at it from it's worst possible usage :D
  19. Different shares for different hubs

    I wasen't saying abuse, Well think about it, if an user shares 100 GB in one hub, then 1 GB in another hub, because he can. That's just wrong, isen't it? Me thinks so anyways.
  20. 2 nice features from Zion

    That is already in DC++, And it will not disconnect users if you leave the hub.
  21. A Question About PWDC++ ...

    Rollback The number of bytes that will be requested from the remote user that overlap the existing incomplete file on disk. The overlapping bytes are compared, and if they do not match, the source is judged to be incompatible, and is removed with a "Rollback inconsistency, existing file does not match the one being downloaded" error. This value normally has no effect when Advanced Resume is enabled. (default: 4096)
  22. Welcome to ApexDC++

    That's not what I'm saying, anyways, not my project. . I would however program if I had sparetime :)
  23. Welcome to ApexDC++

    <-- no problem running VS 2005 builds, altho haven't tried StrongDC++ code. And I haven't updated to STLPort 5 yet. (old fashion, why update if it's not broken). Anyways, with almost all features you can do it without touching the other parts of the code, just adding one line. Make new files and just add them to the source where you want it, easier to upgrade to new StrongDC++ aswell, if you want later.
  24. Welcome to ApexDC++

    No, Since I don't use StrongDC++ code, I don't need to wait till it gets released to code . Well, Only thing I can't understand is why stop coding only because you "have" to wait for an release.
  25. Welcome to ApexDC++

    I changed 4 lines in my client to get it compiling on VS 2005. :D