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  1. we cant cancel a download...

    Seems all I had to do was remove the partials.. Stupidly I thought they got erased automatically after canceling a download... My mistake.. Thanks for the tip.
  2. we cant cancel a download...

    Actually, I've been annoyed by the same thing... Everything else works just fine, but it often restarts canceled downloads and even some finished downloads and uploads. It takes a while for the file in queue to be canceled after pressing 'remove', but if it gets removed it's not that bad. However, after some time, and especially after starting the client, it resurrects most of the downloads that were stopped by me. Suggestions?
  3. share too small (and it's not)

    how come the hublist (the default one) shows some hubs to be 0 minshare but when I enter and type +rules it states some other minshare rules (eg 1gb or other)?