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  1. After some more research about MPC failing, it seems the reason why it fails is because microsoft moved some stuff (I'll leave it at that to avoid going into too many details) around in Vista.

    It is possible to fix it, I think... but I am not enough of a COM programmer to pull that off.

    I hope someone can fix it soon :)

    I seriously miss that option.. Oh well, cant do much else than wait.

  2. I don't use MPC, I use AIMP (and it works with /w)

    Also, do you have the appropriate 64bit version of the plugin?

    AIMP (or winamp) you dont need any other plugin because the /w command works directly.

    So basically you're saying that you havent actually used the plugin. And yes i am using 64bit version.

    I think the plugin is broken because it cannot detect neither MPC, nor MPC-HC or WMP12.

  3. I was happy user of apex 0.4.0 for last 2 years or so. Today it refused to work, great >.>

    Anyway Now that i am using Apex 1.10, i cant find any option to put Userlist on top of main chat. It stays on right side, where i dont like it.

    So any ideas? Any settings i need to modify in xml files?


    Something like in this diagram here:post-12869-1213451544_thumb.jpg