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  1. TCP/TLS Port

    Yes, avast have a built in firewall. I installed Comodo firewall now, the issue appear. I will try to do some Comodo tuning...
  2. TCP/TLS Port

    I found the problem. I turned off firewall, turned off avast and disabled UAC. Restart... The issue exists. I uninstalled avast. The issue disappeared! I turned on firewall, enabled UAC. Apex working fine. Avast and ApexDC and Vista can't work together. Is it my computer issue or global issue? I don't know... Satan, thank you for your support!
  3. TCP/TLS Port

    Thank you very much!
  4. TCP/TLS Port

    I turned off built-in firewall and turned off Avast too. And I did it earlier too.. But I still have TCP/TLS issue. I sent my HJT log to Satan, but I don't receive any comments too... Please, help me.
  5. TCP/TLS Port

    Hi Satan, I sent my HJT log to you by private message. Thanks!
  6. TCP/TLS Port

    I have the same problem. I can't use an apexdc++ 1.0.1 version and 1.1.0 version. Only 0.4.0 version worked fine. But I can't use this version now!! With a new version I receive the following message - 'Unable to open TCP/TLS port. File transfers will not work correctly until you change settings or turn off any application that might be using the TCP/TLS port'. And Search not wirking... Restart PC... The issue exists... My configuration: Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 D-Link DWL-G730AP I have not such issue with Windows XP Pro, 1.0.1 version worked fine. But I can't use XP now and I can't use apexdc++ any versions now... Please, help me. Thanks! P.S. I just checking now: StrongDC 2.13 the same issue; DC++ 0.706 working!