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  1. UAC and 1.0.1

    So if i uninstall it and re-install it as 'new' will that avoid it coming up? sounds to easy ;)
  2. UAC and 1.0.1

    oh ok thanks, i thought it wouldnt work 100% because the magnet keys still wouldnt work. With your solution the problem is i run apex on a computer that isnt mine, so i cant go changing the login profiles. Usually i just have it running quietly in the background and no one notices !
  3. UAC and 1.0.1

    Thanks for the help Crise. So from what i can gather in its current form avoiding UAC is in fact unavoidable? Thats a shame. Why wasnt UAC a problem for 0.40, is it because it didnt demand maximum access? Is that correct?
  4. UAC and 1.0.1

    Hi everyone, Just upgraded from 0.40 to 1.0.1 and UAC seems to keep asking for my permission to open apex. Wouldnt mind the inconvience normally, but i like to have apex automatically open on startup with windows so it can just run in the background nice and smoothly, which obviously doesnt happen now. So my questions are, 1. Is there any reason why i have this issue with 1.01 but not with 0.40 (did i not install it correctly?) and 2. how do i fix it? Many thanks to whoever provides help!