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  1. some trouble...

    When open hubs like dchub:// with many people and option join\left activated, program don't work properly or eat many many resource :)
  2. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    oh when we see version 2? :)
  3. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    Auto-update system "on" or don't close program when people have old version..
  4. [1.3.1] Crash when using /ratio command

    +1 crash when /ratio exceptioninfo.txt
  5. [1.3.1] Crash when using /ratio command

    +1 crash when /ratio
  6. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.1

    Wow, it's good news. I hope new versions come more regular P.S. Maybe we will see autoupdate system like utorrent?.. :w00t:
  7. How to upgrade ApexDC++ without losing data

    maybe need auto-update system like utorrent auto-update.. I can update ApexDC++ but.... in year 2006 we recommended our abonents StrongDC++ 2.02 some people still use it (screenshot)... in year 2008 we recommended our abonents FlylinkDC++ v.(329) many people still use it (screenshot)...... ApexDC++ with autoupdate... we recommended to users... now auto-update is off... it was terribly... many "orcs" can't update client (old version don't work ) "orcs" don't understand why they need to install new version.. (they lazy...) maybe you enable auto-update.. :wacko:
  8. How to upgrade ApexDC++ without losing data

    :) :wacko: I remember, update automatically ApexDC++ from version 1.2.1 to 1.2.2. Why to upgrade from 1.2.2 to 1.3 i need to download installer?! :excl:
  9. [1.2.2] Magnetlinks

    Oh.. we see new version in this year? :)
  10. [1.2.2] Magnetlinks

    when we see new version with fix or maybe you release some beta version!? :)
  11. [1.2.2] Magnetlinks

    how many month wait.. for fix this problem?.... :whistling:
  12. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    /rebuild rehash all files or delete bad records?!
  13. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    when delete files they don't show in share, but info save in hash. If share this files example in other Disk, I can see two identical record in hash. :whistling:
  14. [1.2.2] filelist update

    when update files in filelist need click twice to see change in your filelist... this bug also in old version... :)
  15. [1.2.2] Magnetlinks

    when wait for update?! :)
  16. Run ApexDC through Proxy

    I use "proxifier" very good program for proxy everything.
  17. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    animated smiles ) :)
  18. [1.2.2] Magnetlinks

    but how long wait for a new version? ;)
  19. [1.2.2] Magnetlinks

    ;) many people auto update... so bad bug (( wait for fix...