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  1. Different configurations

    It was a good idea to make a backup before trying your suggestion. After deleting dccpboot.xml and starting DC++ my favorites.xml file was erased, where all hubs and passwords were stored. I think there should be more security in the update processes of Apex! Now I have my old configuration back. I renamed the actual directory, restored a backup from 6 months ago, copied my favorite.xml and log files into the folder and copied only the new binary files from Apex into the folder. Greetings
  2. Different configurations

    Hi, deleting dcppboot.xml is the same like seting it to locel inside of dccppboot.xml. Then I have to configure it totally new. That's a problem, as I don't remember all passwords of the hubs I use. Downloading only the binary files and copy it into the DC++ folders even don't work as the program in this case continue using only one configuration. It seems, that there is no possible way back if you have one time choose the wrong installation. I will the rename the program folders, install an old version of appex and copy all xml-files to that installation - hope it works.
  3. Different configurations

    I re-installed it without the checked button, but I cannot change it. Apex remains using only one configuration. Can I manually change it in any xml-file?
  4. Different configurations

    Hello, until yesterday I used 2 Apex sessions, where Apex 1.30 was installed in 2 different folders. So I could login in different Hubs with different shares. Today I updated to version 1.31. I installed Version 1.31 in both program folders. But now Apex uses the same configuration for both sessions. If I change the port numbers for one sessions, they are changed for the other session too. The same happens for shared folders and favorite hubs. I returned to version 1.30 but the problem remains. Can please someone help me. Greetings logichandle