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  1. virus in apex installer?

    i have apex at office on other computer, there same antyspyware dont detect any spy in apex. And when i copy the uninstall.exe from office to home, at home this antispyware detect it as virus, verry strange. So why same program on a pc detect a virus and on other not when is about same file?....\ What i should do anyway? im "scared" to uninstall and reinstall apex because the file "uninstaler' can be a virus
  2. virus in apex installer?

    thx but u sure guys? can some1 install this anyspy http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php, is free and for sure i know is one of the best - and scan these locations? to see if all have this warn Anyway, can i remove the spyware or probably apex ill be buged? I found a good site who use all antiviruses to scan a file and it sait that about this file: http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/1286bfb61c3e3f1d45ea941b1ae37f7305aad7ed1fba8a357dce0ff3e7a35e07-1248194088 btw strong dcc+ how is? strong dcc i thought is "expired" but i see some big threads in forums about this. Can i install both with no problems? sure, ill not use them in same time
  3. virus in apex installer?

    i cant remember but i have apex for long time, isnt a automatic update? something like a mesaje "a new version avaible" i think. Anyway someone know what i should do? Also i dont think in past my scans found something in apex, dont know why now there seems to be a virus
  4. virus in apex installer?

    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, one of the best antispyware, detect these for me: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\apexdc++ (Trojan.BHO) c:\program files\ApexDC++\uninst.exe (Trojan.BHO) i have apexDC+ 1.2.1 Spybot search and destroy and other antispyware or norton antivirus dont detect anything
  5. cant cancel a download

    i had question in other forum section but i think i should posted here because is like a important request, thanks http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtopic=2907 Really is hard to have this option?
  6. we cant cancel a download...

    In dowlnoad queue is to much stuff to search, especially if u save on different folders and is anyoning to search every time a download there to cancel if u can just cancel it from the main window, but that isnt posible and is a important thing
  7. we cant cancel a download...

    oh idk so much about torrents and i gave up about them because is hard to find stuff and usually didnt work and first u need to acces some sites, with viruses usually. Right or im wrong and torrents are great? so really we need to have a strong option to stop permanentsly a download when we want, because low speed or we dont need anymore. I think this should be moved to sugestion forum, thanks
  8. we cant cancel a download...

    If we have many downloads or one of them have verry slow speed, we have no option to get rid of this download permanently, it come back fast after we cancel it with options like Remove use from queue, disconect all users bla bla - these didnt work also is somewhere a option to stop downloads if speed is bellow xx? i think is but didnt work too, i tried all stuff. Where is the point do dl with verry low speed?
  9. If we download to many things in same time is a problem? the download speed ill be low (sry my english) for some downloads because that? About slow download disconnect option. I tried all, cant stop downloads with speed bellow 30 kb/s (for example). Where is the point to dl with low speed? i think this option didnt work cuz we must press the red limit button on main bar to activate it, but the funny thing is this action activate too (not verry sure) the Limit transfer speed tab (even if is this disabled) so all downloads ill have limited and low speed Or at least we should have a option to stop a download for how many minutes we want (making right click on a download bar we have only options like: - remove all (this delete "for ever" the download) - close connection - with no point, cuz the connection start again after 1 minute - and also this option isnt avaible for some downloads, dont know why - disconect all users - same - the connection start again after 1 minute- and this too isnt avaible always So the only good solution is to pause a download, but we need to make few clicks or to go in download folder to acces this option... And Pause should have a choice like "until restart or for xx minutes, cuz we cant search later thousands of paused downloads in different folders, to start them