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  1. Nextpeer , whats happend

    :P Whats happend to nextpeer.net its not existing anymore :)
  2. Random disconnection issue

    experiencing random disconnection issue, using apexDC get a message " *** An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. " several times a day, but is completly random, sometimes several times in an hour or just a few times during a whole day mostly when im in the techgeeks hub, but happens in nearly all hubs, but i am in the techgeeks more than other hubs so statistically it would happen more in techgeeks ive not been getting this until i started using ApexDC same message in all hubs , *** An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. can usuall connect straight back to the hubs after the connection dropout too, which makes me think its more a client issue rather than hub ive got a stable bt dsl connection and network, and no software firewall just the router one with ports forwarded so no problems there, stats: windows xp media center ed 2005, with SP2 AMD 2400+ , 512 ddr ram (cool temperatures all round, No overclock) ge-force mx440 64mb graphic segate hd 80gig xp firewall OFF British Telecom, DSL 2048/288 kbits (stable line and router, no connection issues) D-Link dsl-502t, Nat/firewall with relevent ports forwarded hope this helps
  3. [BUG][0.1.0]Hubcommand doesn´t work

    it seems that the Right click command's it struggles with are the slightly non coventional one's its seems to be ok with commands that begin with normal symbols + and ! but fails with home made one's like these examples that show - date, users, share, uptime note the commands are <date> instead of the usual +date and so on $UserCommand 1 3 Hub commands\Hub Info\Todays Date$<%[mynick]> Todays Date % <date>||$UserCommand 1 3 Hub commands\Hub Info\Hub Usercount$<%[mynick]> Users Online % <users>||$UserCommand 1 3 Hub commands\Hub Info\Hub ShareSize$<%[mynick]> Hub ShareSize % <share>||$UserCommand 1 3 Hub commands\Hub Info\Hub UpTime$<%[mynick]> Hub Uptime % <uptime>||$ these commands have been working flawless previously,
  4. [BUG][0.1.0]Hubcommand doesn´t work

    im having the same or similar problem, im running apex and logged into a ynhub ive got running (just a test one), but the right click user commands are not working, im getting a pm with message "" <botname> SpamWarning 2: Junk data spam abuse "", ive run loads of other clients before and this is the first time ive seen this, so it looks like a apex or strongDc problem i fired up peerwebDC and they worked fine on that, went back to apex and "" <botname> SpamWarning 2: Junk data spam abuse "",
  5. Released: ApexDC++ 0.1.0 (Preview 1)

    Big Respect to the Apex Team. especially Crise, i bet his eyes are popin out of his head and his fingers bleeding, all that coding nice work, i was a big PWDC fan and im sure it will follow on through Apex
  6. ApexDC++ revealed!

    What about having the 2 new icons in the same style as the peerwebDC ones the silver and the blue back to back overlaping, wonder whatt that would look like,
  7. PeerWeb and neXTPeer websites down

    whats happend to www.PeerWeb and www.nextpeer no access now for sometime
  8. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    ;) _ Early MARCH, i recon if its bandwith reasons would be nice if there was a Magnet or Ed2k link for copys of PWDC++ 041 people still want it its very popular, heres some links although the links aint very active, ed2k has a few sources these should be correct links PWDC_v0.41_Installer.exe ed2k://|file|PWDC_v0.41_Installer.exe|3541154|274eae376cc2904469f06bed77463f60|/ magnet:?xt=urn:kzhash:ad195750d3b3e1c9cba65032b885b4d5266e62e4f87f043e3153291cb5d3aee796 4af73&xt=urn:bitprint:ES5TKQUOJ27QANP4RXRVUMY5WT2BEUNK.24FUS3O6WULONIRGEW65Y5W6WGY 5TQZBTKSGKI&dn=PWDC_v0.41_Installer.exe PeerWeb_DC++_v0.41.rar ed2k://|file|PeerWeb_DC++_v0.41.rar|3943494|da4a8002b08449f8cf480ed399762c14|/ magnet:?xt=urn:kzhash:5591db3f6f1457b344a0cd7739abcbf99d49540cdaef30a02c3ee3afbd9a38c74c c3454&xt=urn:bitprint:7TWT5HIV4UTS2W22Z25ZTVZP54XE4B4M.CYGCD4XSGWQB2ZN2GD2GOAEKVU4 YQUGSNIIHRA&dn=PeerWeb_DC++_v0.41.rar keep Peerweb.DC alive !!