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  1. Released: 8 million downloads, 1.4.3 is here

    OK can we now have again in English - we are not all code writers - please
  2. transfer apexdc to another computer

    Many thanks - that worked great - only problem is that it has to rehash my collection and 550GB takes a while
  3. transfer apexdc to another computer

    I wont to move my apexdc to a new computer without losing all my hubs/fav users/ etc - how do I do it
  4. can anyone answer a question?

    I have used DC++ for years and now have changed to ApexDC which I find very good - I actually upgraded to the new version with no problem - My question - At the bottom of a search screen are 2 counters - 1 is the total matching files found and 2 is a filter counter. What is this filter and do I have to have that filter on or is there a way to cancel it