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  1. Away Messages

    Hey all. havent been on the forums for quite a while and have a question. I have noticed how Apex has a Slot Amount Free Option in the Description Feild, but is the coding somehow workable so I could put such info in an away messgae for people who cant read or cant see my description for whatever reason. Must be a bit of code Apex has to insert in to make it work, and if so should you be able to just recreate it to work with other purposes such as Away Messages. Thanks
  2. Message to main chat

    Hey. just wondering is it possible to send a message to the main hub chat on connect to any hubs i connect to... any how would be cool. cheers
  3. Message to main chat

    just a greeting to all
  4. Away Messages

    any help. should be something after the release of the LUA scripting update.
  5. ApexDC 1.2 final - Windows 7 support ?

    mines running fine in 7! final version
  6. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    read my thread further down for my idea! was a question/idea
  7. Away Messages

  8. Away Messages

    Raw Command is what im thinkin... is there a raw command to do it?
  9. Wont Show Slots In Description GRR

    As Per Title, have ticked the box. but still wont show me my slots in my description. Help? Cheers